Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 20-27th, 2013

Hey guys,
happy anniversary mom and dad, that is a long time you have been married. congragulations!! i hope you had a good day.
thanks for the updates everyone. it was good to hear from dustin. that´s true dad, i haven´t heard from tara in a long time. where is ash gonna live in moab? and yes itis going to be hot there, but she is going to be in air conditioning the whole time verdad?
This week was good. last sunday in the night. we found a great family to teach. we taught them throughout the week and they accepted everything. they even went to our english class that we teach on saturday. on sunday they went to church and loved it. the only bad thing is that the parents are not married and the dad has to get divorced from his exwife and then get married to his current wife. they have two kids, of thirteen and eight years old. they have baptismal date for the eighth of june. it´s a little hard to teach them cause the dad, obdulio, talks a ton haha. He is going to go to veracruz this week to get divorced and then the marriage would be here in tierra blanca next week and the baptism the following week. we are excited. we have two probables for this week. we are working with jose antonio, he has a smoking problem, and with julian, he just doesn´t feel sure that he wants to get baptized. the good thing with julian is that he prayed to find out if the book of mormon was true and felt shivers go all over him and knew it was true. we are going to base our lesson tonight off of that so that he commits to get baptized this week.
the zone is not going to good, but i am still excited to try and help the elderes and get the zone going good again. the month of may was bad for us but in june we already have a lot of people getting ready for baptism in the zone.
this week started the rainy season here. it has bee raining pretty good but we have been lucky and haven´t gotten to whet yet. The bad part is that it rains in the night and the morning but in the afternoon the sun comes out and it all evaporates and it is literally like a sauna. haha we have to drink a lot of water cause we swet a lot.
well i don´t have too much to saythis week. time is flying. and i am trying hard.
i wanted to send some pictures, but the computer is acting up so it will have to wait until next week, sorry!

love youguys.

love elder broadhead

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 13th-20th, 2013

hey guys,
well first off thanks for the e mails this week. they were really good. Ash thanks for the spiritual thoughts, and dad as well, thanks for the advice. don´t worry though, i work hard every minute of the day, i know that the time i have left is not much and i try to take advantage. mom what kind of job did you apply for? sounds like you guys had a great trip to boston. i jeaous. glad to hear that the family is doing good and that scott could get baptized.
this week mi and my new companion elder offer hall worked a lot. and we tried hard to complete with the standard of excellence of the mission and we almost did it. that just means fill all the goals for the key  that the mission has. this week in the zone we didnt have any baptisms. thats called a blanqeza. i feel a little bad cause it the first one this zone has had in like a year. but oh well, i am excited to try to help the zone improve. i feel like i have developed good leadership skills lately. it hard cause there is no part in preach my gospel that tells you how to be a good leader, you just have to learn from experience, the scriptures, and through the spirit. i feel like now i am really helping the elders be better missionaries and improve every day. that makes me feel good. me and my companion get a long really well and work good together. sometimes we are not on the same page when we teach, but that comes with more time together. this week has been incredibly hot . right now we are at 113 degrees farenheit plus the humidity hjah i have never felt this kind of heat before haha. but we try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes we cant.
this week we had a few investigators go to church, so we were happy and this week, julian, has his baptismal date. he is the brother of david, one that we baptized a few weeks ago. we are surely but slowly finding more and more people that god has prepared for us to baptize. i have really developed a love for teaching the gospel and helping people. i also love studying the scriptures and the liahona. i used to never read the church magazines before, but they´re awesome i really missed out. i am also working to develop more christ like attributes. something that has helped me is just asking myself, every time i have a dicision to make, what will god think of me? what will god think of me if i do this, or say this or act in this way? it has helped me a lot become more like christ in everyday dicisions. a lot of times we worry about what other people are going to think or going to say instead of thinking what will god think of us if we make a certain decision.
well all in all im happy and working hard and trying my best to fulfill the missionary purpose. i love you all and am happy to be part of your family. keep up the good work.

love elder broadhead

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 6th-13th, 2013

Hey peeps,
it was awesome talking to you guys yesterday, sorry i coldn´t speak very good english haha, i really don´t have a problem speaking english, i don´t know what happend to me haha. But it looks like you guys are doing good and having a fun time. Today we are going to do divisiones with the ward mission leader and the secretary of the ward so elder paredes can go say goodbye to some people and me and the ward mission leader can get some work done. I´m excited for the changes and i know we are going to have a lot of success here in the area and zone. the zone is a little bit low but we are working to get it back to full status.
the pictures are off us and the district leader and his companion eating pizza last p day. so don´t worry dad we do do some fun stuff on p day haha. the other picture is of the family i was telling you about yesterday. when the dad (jose alberto) gave the opening prayer through tears in his eyes he thanked god for making him the happiest man in the world. the spirit really touched me heart in that moment and i felt really glad to have been a part of it. This last week when we would get to their house at night to teach them, we would find them all huddled around the little table in their small two room block house reading a loud from the book of mormon, waiting for us. I know the gospel of jesus christ changes lives, i´ve seen it in my own life and countless times in the lives of others.
now i´m working on getting a good zone class prepared for this week. i´m going to teach the elders about developing christlike attributes. i think if we were trying to be more like christ we would have more success here. all in all i´m happy and working hard. love you guys a lot and talk to ya next week!
love elder Broadhead 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 29th-May 6th, 2013

Hey guys,
It was great to hear from you this week. Sounds like it was a good week and that you are going to have a fun trip en boston. I´ll be using the skype account of my companion. his account is, ElderParedes11  but you never told me what account to call! do i call ashley´s account or how do i do it? also i´m not too sure that the hermana will have the latest skype downloaded, remember that we are in mexico over here. Well i´m sure everything will work out fine. i´ll be doing it at six o clock mexico veracruz time on sunday the twelvth. It´s gonna be fun to talk to you guys again! By the way, how is everything going for the baptism of scott?

This week was pretty crazy. We went to veracruz on thursday for the zone leaders counsel but now it´s just called council of leaders because now there are girl missionary leaders haha. since there are a lot of misioneras getting here they made sister missionary leadership positions. they just do divisiones with the other sisters. But saturday night, when we were going to the house of pedro with elder sanches to do the baptismal interview, we got there and pedro and his wife were just leaving because the grandma of pedro had gotten sick and they had to take her to veracruz! yikes! he said he wasn´t going to get back until sunday in the night. There wasn´t anything we could do. We were already fasting for him and praying a lot so he could get baptized. we just told him that if he got back early enough on sunday we could do the baptism. he said ok. so yesterday night we were at the church in a meeting with our district leaders when he sent us a message that said he had gotten back to tierra blanca. we hustled to his house, did the interview, and he got baptized. it was a miracle.

This week i have been thinking a lot about a scripture in juan 17 3 that says that life eternal is knowing the father and christ. There is another scripture in doctrine and convenants 132 22-24 that says knowing christ is accepting him while being here on the earth, or, getting baptized. I have been thinking about what it would be like to really know christ, to know how he really looks, how his laugh sounds, what´s his voice like, if he´s serious or a jokester, or what we would talk about if we had some time together. In these last few days, thinking about this, i´ve really felt a desire to get to know him better. I am excited to be able to really get to know him one day in the celestial kingdom, to be able to sit down and spend time with him. But i´m going to start thinking about him more, especially during the day. the assitents came this last week to do divisiones with us, and elder fox suggested that i could think more about christ and his atonement, especially throughouth the day and that i would feel a diferent spirit come into my life. and it´s true. I invite you guys to do the same.

Well that´s about it for this week. i´m happy and working hard here in tierra blanca. we are going to baptize jesus, niƱo, this week and we are excited. it´s the last week of the cambio and so next tuesday i´ll be getting a new companions. elder paredes has been here for six months, so he´s gonna get transfered.

thanks for everything, i love you guys. talk to you on sunday!

love elder broadhead

on sunday remind me to tell you about carnaval and the mangos.