Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 18th-25th, 2013

Hey guys,
 thanks for the emails. i didn`t know about my return date but its nice to know. thats good advice dad. hey thanks for sending me the photos. i sent them to the offices already.
this week was good but we didn`t have much time to work. because on thursday we had interviews with president and we were in the offices all day waiting for our turn cause it was scheduled badly. And on Saturday it was the stake conference. Elder de hoyos and Elder Ortiz came and it was awesome. The messages that they shared were all about the work of salvation and i loved being able to be there and it was awesome to see them motivate the members so good. Presidente Treviño also participated and it was a really spiritual Saturday. The conference on Sunday was good because a new stake presidency got called but the bad news is that our awesome bishop alvarez got called to be second counselor. Dangit! He was such a good bishop. Now we just have the two consouleros that aren`t so good. Oh well. We will have to work with what we have. The other good part was that the hermano yepez took one of his other inacitve sons to church. It was awesome. Little by Little the whole family is getting activated. Our investigator elva was the only one that went to church, her fecha is still good for the ocho but the others didn`t go. we are still teaching them but our patience is wearing thin.
Elder rojas had a rough week because he got down on himself a Little bit. But he looks better today. i exigir a loto out of him but its for his good.  He has taught me really good how to throw a trompo (top) its a mexican toy that all the kids play with and it is really addicting. We play it in the night. I`m getting good.
Today we went to the church and played volleyball with the district. There wasn`t a net so we improvised.
Well guys i know that the church is true and am happy serving a misión. I have learned a lot and i love the daily battle of trying my best to follow the spirit to find teach and baptize!

Love Elder broadhead

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 11th-18th, 2013

dear family,

thanks for all the emails, it`s always nice to read them.

mom i need you to do a favor por fa, because the zone conference before a missionary goes home the mission does a little video tribute to the missionary, like with the video of when he got to the mission and some photos from his mission. my last zone conference is coming up so they are going to do the video tribute to me and they are already asking me to send them photos. i just need you to send me a photo of before the mission of me by next monday. i was thinking of that photo of me right before i got my haircut and had a red semi afro? i think it would be good for the missionaries to laugh at haha. and you could also send five or six of the photos that you think it would be good to use for the slide show of during my mision. if you don`t have time that`s ok i can look through the ones on my camera and choose a few but i was just thinking if you have all of the photos over there in a file on the computer or something it might be easier. so the total would be one photo from before the mission and five or six from during. thanks!

this week was really nice because all of our investigatores that have fecha are doing well. it was great to see vicente go to church in a white shirt and tie and jesus really liked the church as well. he was even asking us a lot for the book of gospel principles haha. we got one for him. we also helped a family of five that was inactive go to church and another hermano that was inactive. we owed it to a fast that we did this week so that the persons would go to church. it worked. i know that prayer and fasting works. this is the most success the lord has ever given me with the inactives in my mission, its been really great to see and we feel really blessed. we`ll keep at it. the bishop really likes it, it was classic yesterday he said you guys are giving more results than the home teaching program as a whole haha. last night we went to a stake training for the ward mission leaders. ours just got called yesterday, he is the bishops son. we went with him and the bishop, and president treviño gave the training. it was really good and  helpful. i don`t know about utah but here in mexico there has been a ton of focus on the new work of salvation program. it`s really great. now everything is combined, if there is a training for the missionaries, the members are invited, if there is a training for the members, the missionaries are invited. its all for one nowadays. i like it. our bishop is really great. the stake president here is getting realesed this week in stake conference. that means elder de hoyos is coming!! i`m really exicted. 

well thanks for everything guys i love you lots! today we went to littler ceazars haha it was great. i`m full. 

love you lots.

love elder broadhead

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 4th-11th, 2013

Hey guys,

Well first off, happy birthday on the fifteenth mom!! i hope you have a great birthday and i will be thinking about and praying for you a lot. thanks so much for being the best mom an elder could ask for, i am very proud to be your son. happy birthday!! 

We had a good experience this week because we started working the the inactive husband of one of the sisters in the ward. we had two lessons with him this week that we tried hard to listen to him and try and help him come back to the gospel. the great surprise was that he went to church on sunday! the best part was the smile on his wifes face. she was so happy to be there in the church with him. we have had really good success working with the inactives. in ward council after the services the bishop with tears in his eyes, thanked us for the work we have done up until now. he then asked us to explain to the council how we had done it. we just said, "with love". for the work we have done with the inactives we definitly have the confidence of the bishop and members. we are also working with the brother of one of the sisters of the ward that is really liking what we teach him. he accepted to get baptized on the first of decembre. we are also working with vicente still. he didn`t go to church cause his grandma got sick so we are going to have to push his date back to the eighth. 

my companion is teaching me a lot about patience and how to be patient. he is not progressing as fast as i would like but the good part is that he is talking more in the lessons and not as homesick. he really likes basevall and is also a red soxs fan and was happy when i told him that they had won the world series haha. today we went to mcdonalds haha it was way cool the macdonalds here are like upper class restaurants and only the rich people go haha so we felt out of place but it was fun. 

elder benjamin de hoyos is coming to a stake conference that we are going to have here. and i am really excited. he is in the area presidencia. also one of the american missionaries from the temple invited us to an american thanksgiving on the twenty eighth cause it doesn`t get celebrated here. it should be fun.

thanks for everything guys i love you a lot. 

the pictures are of my chapel and me in one of the rich houses that we have in our ward. 

love elder broadhead

Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28th-November 4th, 2013

Hey guys,

congrats mom that the red sox won!! glad your back is feeling a little better dad. Happy birthday ash!!! i hope you had a good celebration with the fam and i hope you have a good day on the seventh. i can`t believe you are going to be 19!! i hope you do something fun on your b day!! love you!!

well i am really happy here in revolucion 2. my hijo is called Elder Rojas he is from obregon sonora. in the north. he is a little rough around the edges but all around a good guy because he is sincere. he is struggling to leave his family behind and learn how to teach the gospel but all the new guys have to go through that. we have been going around this first week getting to know the members and have found some good investigatores. we share the ward with two sister misionaries. sister de orbe and sister jaquez. the obispo is really good cause he is really focused on the missionary work and a really organized guy. i like him a lot and can tell that we are going to have exito in this area because of him. i have learned that a good bishop is one of the keys to success. one of the parts of our area is the nicest part of the mission. like big houses, nice cars and stuff like that. president treviño lives in our ward but doens`t attend it because he didn`t like the young womens program for his daughter so they go to a different ward. the best part was that the first week we brought 2 investigators to church and two inactive families. the best part was that one of the inactive sisters that we went to church got up and shared her testimonio in the sacrament meeting and thanked us and called us angels. those are the moments that motivate me to keep working. i am working really hard just like before and i can tell we are going to have a lot of sucess here. it`s a good ward. i`m happy to be training and teaching everything i know to elder rojas.

the pictures are of us at a dairy queen haha i am glad to be back in veracruz because there are a few american restaurants as well. we also went to wal mart today. wow it feels good to be in a walmart haha. 

love you guys, thanks for everything,

 love elder broadhead