Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 18th-25th, 2013

Hey guys,
 thanks for the emails. i didn`t know about my return date but its nice to know. thats good advice dad. hey thanks for sending me the photos. i sent them to the offices already.
this week was good but we didn`t have much time to work. because on thursday we had interviews with president and we were in the offices all day waiting for our turn cause it was scheduled badly. And on Saturday it was the stake conference. Elder de hoyos and Elder Ortiz came and it was awesome. The messages that they shared were all about the work of salvation and i loved being able to be there and it was awesome to see them motivate the members so good. Presidente Treviño also participated and it was a really spiritual Saturday. The conference on Sunday was good because a new stake presidency got called but the bad news is that our awesome bishop alvarez got called to be second counselor. Dangit! He was such a good bishop. Now we just have the two consouleros that aren`t so good. Oh well. We will have to work with what we have. The other good part was that the hermano yepez took one of his other inacitve sons to church. It was awesome. Little by Little the whole family is getting activated. Our investigator elva was the only one that went to church, her fecha is still good for the ocho but the others didn`t go. we are still teaching them but our patience is wearing thin.
Elder rojas had a rough week because he got down on himself a Little bit. But he looks better today. i exigir a loto out of him but its for his good.  He has taught me really good how to throw a trompo (top) its a mexican toy that all the kids play with and it is really addicting. We play it in the night. I`m getting good.
Today we went to the church and played volleyball with the district. There wasn`t a net so we improvised.
Well guys i know that the church is true and am happy serving a misión. I have learned a lot and i love the daily battle of trying my best to follow the spirit to find teach and baptize!

Love Elder broadhead

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