Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25th-December 2nd, 2013

hey family,

it´s good to hear you guys had a nice thanksgiving dinner. we did too haha. the keelers (temple missionaries) put on a nice thanksgiving dinner for some of the missionaries and we got lucky enough to be invited! it was really awesome to eat some good classic american food, oh how i had missed mashed potatoes and i didn´t know even know it hahaha. we had stuffing and turkey and pie. it was really good. i have had two good thanksgivings in my mission. my birthday was also nice because we got a good day of work in, we found a really good lady to teach. we went on saturday morning, we had contacted her last week and put an appt. we got there and she started telling us about all of her problems, hurt knee etc etc but most of all she started talking about how she feels so lonely because a year ago her husband died and she hasn´t gottten over it. we listened and then taught her about through baptism she can one day be with her husband forever, obviously she accepted to get baptized on the fith of january. i love teaching the gospel. we have lessons like that all the time and the spirit testifies to the people and if their heart is open they accept everything. i am saving the two little birthday cakes you sent me mom for my companions birthday that is going to be this sundayon sunday also we are going to have our first baptism here. elva is going to get baptized. she is really commited and we are happy with the conversion process that she has had. we also have been working with the ward list and going to hunt down a lot of the inactives. yesterday the lord gave us the great blessing of arriving with an inactive family and the dad was like, how awesome you guys got here, because yesterday i was telling my cousin that if he saw you guys to tell you to come by. i love how the spirit guides us to people like that. he proceeded to tell us that he wants us to pass by and teach his daughter so she can get baptized. she´s 22 and the only one in the family that is not member. we have an appt forwednesday. well thats basically what we have been up to lately. i have really been enjoying my studies lately and love learning more about the scriptures. especially i like studying the new testament and third nephi to learn directly from the saviors teachings. i love taking the sacrament and then during the week enjoying and battling to have the companionship of the spirit. its great. i love you guys a lot and miss you. thanks for everything you do. that´s great dad that you are studying pmg because when i get home we are going to go to work. it would be awesome to make a family mission plan and try to start sharing the gospel a little more. i know there are people in your lives that the lord is preparing to accept this message. it would also be awesome if you guys could start learning about the work of salvation. go to the web page and watch the videos. those are the same videos we always watch with the members to get them excited to share the gospel.

love you guys

hasta luego elder broadhead

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