Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 15th-22nd, 2012

how`s it hanging! thanks for the mail and the updates. glad to hear dad got a little relief and he cracked me up with the sweat gene joke haha. sí i am constantly sweating here but i`ve long since accepted it. cool new bishopric. good to hear from dust and tara as well. haven`t heard from ash en about six or seven months it seems like. that`s cool mom taught a toffee class. that is going to be so tasty when i get home. and yeah i`ve lost like twenty pounds i think. i`m not sure cause obviouly there is not a scale.

this week was very interesting and fun. me and my new companion/hijo get a long great. his name is elder garcia and he is from zacatecas méxico. he is really progressing fast and he`s going to be a great missionary. he is teaching me a lot of spanish and new words and stuff it is good to have mexican comp again. we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot.

well this week we baptized someone named cecilia. she came to church last week with her friend and already wanted to get baptized last week haha. she is really a nice lady the only problem is that she is really shy and she gets really nervous and it makes her so she can`t talk. i was really happy though because my hijo elder garcia was going to get to baptize his first week in the field. so after the services yesterday we had the baptism. we also baptized the cousin of jose manuel, the one we baptized two weeks ago. aron only has eight years old though and his parents are members so it didn`t count for the mission but he`s a great kid. so anyway we baptize aron, the niño, first, and then cecilia gets in the water for her baptism, my companion says the baptismal prayer, and then goes to baptize her but she refused to dunk herself in the water. she was really scared of the water. so after another failed attempt we made her sit in the chair in the water so it would be easier to dunk her. that didn`t work either, she refused to go under. we kept asking her, hermana if she wanted to get baptized or was it just fear of the agua. she told us that sí she wanted to get baptized but she couldn`t bring herself to go under the water. so we went to go get bishop to help us. he tried calming her down and we even shut the doors of the font so no one could see her, cause she gets really nervous, but that didn`t help either. after about an hour of being in the water and about fifteen attempts. we finally just told her that we would try again another day. she was really sad and embarassed and i felt terrible. so i called and told the zone leaders what happened and they called and told presidente treviño and he said that the baptism counted even though she didn`t go under the water. because she had the desire, she fisically just couldn`t go under. so that was a huge relief and we went straight to her house and told her. she was reall happy after we told her. and so we`re going to confirm her this week next week in sacrament meeting. my elderes en cardel baptized as well so we have had four straight bautistritos. i`m very happy with the work they`re doing.

we`re going to continue working hard and baptizing every week. my lideres have told me that because of visa problems we are not going to get more elderes in the ward until the next cambio. it`s ok though because we are going to baptize an amazing family of four on november eleventh and it would be in the other elderes area if they were here haha. so i`m thankful for that.

well this morning me and elder garcia went with the zone leaders to eat in carls jr. haha it was fun. after we ate we played the card game ``uno´´ for a bit. it was a good time haha. right now we`re going to go paint the house of una hermana de la iglesia and pick up our laundry from the lavendería.

thanks for the birthday updates mom, keep up comin por fa!

well i love you guys a lot and of course pray for you everyday mucho. thanks for being so awesome.

-love elder broadhead


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 8th-15th, 2012

hey fam,
hope everyone is doing good! tell gramps thanks for the generous donation, i appreciate it a lot. i`m glad to hear he`s doing better and improving. i`m confident that this wednesday you will find the solution to all this pain pops. i hope you like your new calling mom, in the primary!
this week was my last week with elder charles. i have learned a lot from him, same with all my companions. presidente called me this week and told me that i am going to get an hijo! that means a new missionary. i`ll be training these next two cambios. i`ll go to the mission offices on tuesday to pick him up! i hope he`s a mexican! we also learned this week that now, we are not going to get two new missionaries in the ward. we had already found the house and everything. the problem is that they`re having trouble getting visas for the american missionaries again, so it throws everything off. we really need more missionaries in this barrio though. it`s so huge. sunday`s we really struggle cause there`s so much to do and we can`t talk to everyone. if you wanna know my area, i think you can go on the church website, look up the boundaries for the ward camino real, and then you`ll know my area. it`s huge and we have to travel a lot. that`s crazy to think that we`re going to get a new bishopric. time goes fast. i`m going to complete nine months in the mission! it`s crazy.
this sunday we baptized jose manuel. he`s really great and i have high hopes that he goes on a mission. the only problem is that he just got a job at sam`s club and now he has to work all the sundays. he still has to get confirmed though! so this week we are going to try and work with him so he can come to church and get confirmed on sunday and change his schedule at work. the ward has proposed a missionary activity where we invite all the old investigatores and people that have been to church o talked with the missionaries to the church for an activity. the stake choir is going to perform and there will be a speaker. the spirit will be really strong and in that very moment, the speaker will invite all the people there that aren`t members to be baptized! and we`ll do the baptisms right then and there the same day. it`s pretty crazy but i think we`re going to try it. the activity is going to happen in november. we`ll see how it works. we are hoping to already have somebody lined up for a baptism that day, so that person will go first and the rest will follow.
i`m a little nervous cause the couple we were going to baptize this next week is now backing out. we found them in the street last night and they had claimed they hadn`t recieved an answer from god yet. i claim that they have. we`ll go over this week and help them recognize the answer they`ve already recieved. they`re great though. the only problem is that the dad works all week and we can only see him on saturday. they have a cute one year old kid named ian. i want my hijo to be able to baptize his first week in the field!
our plans today are have a zone activity so we can take pics and say goodbye to everyone cause tomorrow are cambios!
pics are of the baptism, us and chucky, the little kid we baptized two weeks ago and confirmed yesterday, and of my elder nelson that i took of him peeing in the canya (sugar cane) when i went to do the baptismal interview on friday en cardel haha
everything is going great and it was fun messaging you pops! tell mom right now i don`t need anything and that all is well!
we had another bautistrito and i`m happy my elder`s are working hard. is going to arrive another new missionary in my district haha. we are going to be two trainers and two greeny`s (verdes) haha! hope you guys have a great week! i`ll talk to you next week!



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 1st-8th, 2012

hey guys,

i feel terrible that you didn`t get my letter last week! i think it`s cause i got too excited and attached one too many pictures and it didn`t send, sorry about that. i copied and pasted it and sent it in another e mail. from now on i`ll send the pics separate so at least you get som information. haha sorry again.

this week was pretty good for us and conference was awesome. i`m not gonna lie a got a good laugh out of mom`s comment, "how do they understand conference?" referring to the mexican people i assume, but mom to answer your question, it is translated into spanish haha. they show it at the stake center (my chapel in camino real) and the whole stake comes to watch, they really only came sunday morning though haha. dad i enjoyed elder hollands conference talk as well. he actually gave that exact same talk to us in the mtc so it was a repeat for me but i still enjoyed it. he did it better in the mtc though cause he just completely applied it to the missionary work and he got more worked up and emotional and yelly and stuff like that. obviously he couldn`t do it in general conference, but it was still good. that`s pretty cool that they lowered the missionary age, i believe i already foretold this event of the lowered age, if you can remember mom, like a year ago i though it was gonna happen haha. it`s pretty cool though, is ash thinking of going on a mission now? you should do it ash, i wish you could come to mexico, but american girls can`t come here!

yesterday was really stressful cause we baptized between the general conference sessions. when we got to the church before conference we found the baptismal font full of nasty water and really dirty haha. since we had alot of missionaries there for the conference they all helped us clean it and fill it for the baptism. we first tried to get the dirty out with a mop, so one elder had to strip down to his garments and went into the font with a mop, it was sooo funny to see haha, but it didn`t work too well so we ended up draining it and cleaning it, then refilling it. it had trouble filling up though so there was hardly any water in there when we did the baptism, luckily, chucky is small and didn`t need much water to be baptized haha.

next week i`m going to get two new elders added to my district, so i`ll have three companionships. they are going to give us another pair of missionaries in our ward in camino real. it will be really nice to cut the area in half and not have to travel so much. with four missionaries in one ward we are going to baptize a lot. the ward should divide in two pretty soon, it`s huge. my district has been performing well and i`m happy with them, we have had two bautistritos in a row, and a third should be coming this week!

on friday i went to cardel to do two baptismal interviews, a lady and her son. i interviewed the son first and he passed, then his mom. she had been having trouble giving up drinking coffee and i couldn`t pass her to be baptized. i had to tell her no and that we were going to have to push it back a week. it was absolutelya terrible feeling. she started to cry and tell me about how she had this grand image of getting baptized with her son. i tried to comfort her and tell her that she could watch her son be baptized this week and then she would be baptized the next week, she reluctantly agreed. it was the first time i had to fail someone in the interview and i didn`t like it one bit. i had to get after the elderes en cardel for not being clear about the word of wisdom. it was a good learning opportunity though. i`ll go back to interview her again this week hopefully.

for this weekend we are going to baptize jose manuel and his nephew that`s eight years old. the nephew doesn`t count for the mission because his parents are members.

well the zone leaders just called me and told me that i have to go find a house for the new elderes that are coming to our ward. so i gotta get goin right now! dang i hate house shopping in mexico, but good thing i had practice in my old area haha.

for my b day the only thing i would really need is another long sleeve white shirt por favor! prefferably not one hundred percent cotton, muchas gracias!
well everything is going good here and we`re working hard. i love the mission!
love you guys and hope you have a good week! sorry about last week again i`ll make sure it doesn`t happen again!

-love elder broadhead


September 24th-October 1st, 2012

thank you very much for the e mails. i got a good laugh out of your guys`s comments there always funny, i liked tara`s, "i only went to the bathroom once" comment haha. i`m sure this pain treatment program will help a ton with the pain, dad. keep looking for relief! mom i`m sorry i forgot to thank you for all the other stuff in the package i have put it all to good use and am going to make up a little gift bag for our recient convert, dayra, we baptized her on saturday and she was confirmed on sunday. her uncle was the one that baptized her. we had a zone conference this week and president asked us to have members baptize our converts now, so we are going to do that. this week we are going to baptize a little boy named renaldo, we are having one of the priests do the baptism and help us with the teaching this week. then hang a picture of the baptism on the ward bulletin board so the other priests get jealous and want to baptize too. then we`ll tell them they can baptize the people they find for us to teach haha.
great to see that you are all working hard in your callings. one of the biggest signs that tells us that our church is true is that it makes us work haha. if the church didn`t make us work it wouldn`t be true because it could never produce the faith necessary to lead us to eternal life and salvation. and thats why we try so hard to get our converts callings, so they can excercise their faith through working. i read the book lectures on faith that brother swani gave me before i left, it was really good, you guys should all read it if you haven`t already. it used to be part of the doctorine y covenants! something that i struggle with is asking members to make sacrifices for the missionary work. i absolutely don`t like doing it, but i`m working on it and i know that it`s neccesarry that they make sacrafices for that very same reason, so they can show god their faith. i told that to my old companion and he told me, "well, you`ve got a long way to go to be a god then" haha.
apparently i haven`t been very clear in my e mails or answered very many questions so i`ll try to do better. it`s just that i don`t have very much time to write haha i`ll tell you all the details when i get back, don`t worry!
moms questions- the weather is still hot and rainy, i lost my umbrella a few weeks ago so i just gave up on trying to not be sunburned haha. it`s harder to use in the big city too, with all the dogging and ducking and diving we do haha. yes we still eat lunch with the members, every missionary in mexico does. it`s the big meal of the day here. we eat lunch at two and then dinner when we get back to the house at night. my shoes are holding up just fine, i have been really happy with them mom, it`s my feet that are not holding up to well haha. also when we say air conditioning in mexico we just mean a little unit that you put in the window. we have one in the house but it doesn`t work very good. we put it in the room where we sleep to try and help, but we do have two fans. the beach is pretty cool, we didn`t realize that we were working right on the beach this whole time. we should`ve realized though cause we`re constantly pulling sand out of our ears. haha. i`ll attach a pic of the beach. we are actually going again today to play volleyball with the zone. should be fun. the sunscreen is holding out good for now, i`ll let ya know if i need more, thanks. the name of the "town" i`m in is the city of veracruz haha. our area is just pure houses, it`s the northern part of the city and the area is huge. the name of the neighborhood (it`s called colonia in spanish) where the church is located is called camino real. there are lots of different colonias in our area.
ok hope that answers all your questions.

we are working hard and learning a lot. we are trying our best implementing this new program where we do less prosolyting and more working with members/inactives to get references. i went to cardel on friday to do an interview of an ex marine, to say the least it was very long interview, but he was repented and ready to get baptized. good guy, learned a lot from him about the true nature of repentance.
pics are of the baptism, and the beach, and us with a coconut. here you can just pick the coconuts off the palma and eat them. i`m not a huge fan of the coco, but we do it every once in a while.
love you all and wish the best for you!
love elder broadhead