Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September 24th-October 1st, 2012

thank you very much for the e mails. i got a good laugh out of your guys`s comments there always funny, i liked tara`s, "i only went to the bathroom once" comment haha. i`m sure this pain treatment program will help a ton with the pain, dad. keep looking for relief! mom i`m sorry i forgot to thank you for all the other stuff in the package i have put it all to good use and am going to make up a little gift bag for our recient convert, dayra, we baptized her on saturday and she was confirmed on sunday. her uncle was the one that baptized her. we had a zone conference this week and president asked us to have members baptize our converts now, so we are going to do that. this week we are going to baptize a little boy named renaldo, we are having one of the priests do the baptism and help us with the teaching this week. then hang a picture of the baptism on the ward bulletin board so the other priests get jealous and want to baptize too. then we`ll tell them they can baptize the people they find for us to teach haha.
great to see that you are all working hard in your callings. one of the biggest signs that tells us that our church is true is that it makes us work haha. if the church didn`t make us work it wouldn`t be true because it could never produce the faith necessary to lead us to eternal life and salvation. and thats why we try so hard to get our converts callings, so they can excercise their faith through working. i read the book lectures on faith that brother swani gave me before i left, it was really good, you guys should all read it if you haven`t already. it used to be part of the doctorine y covenants! something that i struggle with is asking members to make sacrifices for the missionary work. i absolutely don`t like doing it, but i`m working on it and i know that it`s neccesarry that they make sacrafices for that very same reason, so they can show god their faith. i told that to my old companion and he told me, "well, you`ve got a long way to go to be a god then" haha.
apparently i haven`t been very clear in my e mails or answered very many questions so i`ll try to do better. it`s just that i don`t have very much time to write haha i`ll tell you all the details when i get back, don`t worry!
moms questions- the weather is still hot and rainy, i lost my umbrella a few weeks ago so i just gave up on trying to not be sunburned haha. it`s harder to use in the big city too, with all the dogging and ducking and diving we do haha. yes we still eat lunch with the members, every missionary in mexico does. it`s the big meal of the day here. we eat lunch at two and then dinner when we get back to the house at night. my shoes are holding up just fine, i have been really happy with them mom, it`s my feet that are not holding up to well haha. also when we say air conditioning in mexico we just mean a little unit that you put in the window. we have one in the house but it doesn`t work very good. we put it in the room where we sleep to try and help, but we do have two fans. the beach is pretty cool, we didn`t realize that we were working right on the beach this whole time. we should`ve realized though cause we`re constantly pulling sand out of our ears. haha. i`ll attach a pic of the beach. we are actually going again today to play volleyball with the zone. should be fun. the sunscreen is holding out good for now, i`ll let ya know if i need more, thanks. the name of the "town" i`m in is the city of veracruz haha. our area is just pure houses, it`s the northern part of the city and the area is huge. the name of the neighborhood (it`s called colonia in spanish) where the church is located is called camino real. there are lots of different colonias in our area.
ok hope that answers all your questions.

we are working hard and learning a lot. we are trying our best implementing this new program where we do less prosolyting and more working with members/inactives to get references. i went to cardel on friday to do an interview of an ex marine, to say the least it was very long interview, but he was repented and ready to get baptized. good guy, learned a lot from him about the true nature of repentance.
pics are of the baptism, and the beach, and us with a coconut. here you can just pick the coconuts off the palma and eat them. i`m not a huge fan of the coco, but we do it every once in a while.
love you all and wish the best for you!
love elder broadhead

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