Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 17th-25th, 2012

hey fam,
thanks for the updates and everything, it´s good to hear ol spanky got home ok and had a good time serving. yes mom i got the package, thanks for everything, the debit card was missing though?? haha jk no i have the debit card and everything, just a small joke. i can´t believe you guys are still going to those concerts! sounds fun though.
this week was a little rough, we went to visit dayra on tuesday and they had had some family problems so she had opted to get baptized this next week. el 29. we are praying lots for her. so we once again started frantically looking for someone to baptize. thursday we went to visit alejandra (her first time en the chapel was this last week) we taught her and she accepted to get baptized after the services on sunday, oh we were soo happy. then saturday afternoon right before we were going to head over to her house for the baptismal interview she called and said that she wanted to wait a little more to get baptized, she had some things to think about. we talked with her for awhile, but she also couldn´t come to church yesterday so we are going to visit her tonight to help her overcome her doubts. she is great though and wants to get baptized, just needs help overcoming the opposicion that all the canditates for baptism have. yesterday we also found what is called a regalito, it just means like a gift. a little boy of eight years old that wants to get baptized. all his brothers are members and his parents go to church most of the time but are not married and can´t get baptized and therefore the little boy chucky falls under our jurisdiction. so we are planning on baptizing three this week. dayra, alejanda, y chukcy.
on tuesday after class of district i went up to cardel to do divisiones with e nelson. his companion came to my area to work with e charles. we went to work in un pueblo that is called cempoala. we set the baptismal date with a little girl of nine years old for this past sunday. then i went back to cardel on friday to do the interview. she got baptized this sunday, everything went fine.
one of the members we ate with this week has a son that lives in mexico city that is a luchador (wrestler or fighter) she showed us a picture of him and he looked just like jack black in nacho libre haha it was so funny we cracked up laughing. mexico is great. we also started teaching un kid of 18 years that lives with his wife that is 17 years old. she is a member and they have two kids. he works all day to try and support his family. he is a good kid. i was trying to imagine what it would be like to have two kids at eighteen years old and lots of responsabilty. we hope he accepts this gospel, his name is christian, he´s just soo young. we almost have to get permission from his parents to teach and baptize him,
we discovered that there is beach en our area this week so right now we are going to go look for it to take some pics haha! we´re going to have zone conferences tomorrow and we have high hopes for this week.
pics are of a flower/jello creation that un investigador gave us and just another normal pic.
i love you all, have a great week and look for missionary opportunities!

-love elder broadhead

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 10th-17th, 2012

hey guys,
thanks for all the emails and everything! i got gramps too, sounds like everything is going along ok with you guys, i still pray for you all the time!
this week was mas o menos we didn`t baptize, our fecha didn`t come through. she is named alejandra y lives very far, we have to take a 15 minute bus ride to arrive to her house. we couldn`t see her all week because she works a lot and she didn`t come to church. but this ward is great because siempre someone comes to church that we didn`t plan on cause the ward is so grande one of the people usually manages to bring someone. another one of our investigatores named dyra came and her baptism is schedules for this saturday. she sixteen and her mom is member but not her dad. she`s an antigua investigadora de los elderes que were here before me. so this week we`re going to work with the other one that came to church (alejandra) to try and baptize her after the services this sunday. me and e charles both talked in church yesterday, his was pretty classic with his spanish. i actually got a little nervous cause i`m not used to this big of a ward but it went fine haha.
me and e charles get a long pretty well and we laugh a lot. we were walking in the streeet two days ago and someone stopped us and started waving a book of mormon in front of our faces and said that he wanted us to come by his house. the only thing is that he is missing one hand, but he doesn`t seem to care haha. he makes lots of hand motions and uses it a lot to illustrate points while he talks haha. it`s pretty funny but anyways we went to look for his house that day and we couldn`t find it cause ni yo ni mi companero know the area very well haha. so we had to start asking people if they knew were the guy lived that only had one hand haha and we eventually found it. he didn`t come to church though so we have to drop him. he`s a pretty classic guy though.
today we did a pretty good cleaning job on the house, it was pretty nasty. it`s alwasy nice having an american companion cause they value cleanliness haha. also we found this cafeteria dentro de sam`s club that is way good cause it`s all american haha so we`re gonna hit it up again tody haha.
mom`s questions. my comp is from arizona. yes we still walk everywhere and take buses that are pretty crazy and classic. the walking is taking a toll on my feet i have several ingrown toenails but there`s never enough time to go to the doctor haha. and no, i haven`t been sick yet on the mission, aparte de some minor coughs and colds. there hasn`t been a day where i haven`t left the house to work and i hope to keep it that way. and your idea about the chirstmas thing is just fine mom, gracias.
i have tons more that i alwasy want to tell you but there is no time! i am learning a lot and loving everything! i absolutely love, love studying the gospel, the only good part about getting home is going to be able to study whatever i want instead of for my investigatores haha.
the question that i ask everyday to the members that we eat with, is what was your missionary experience this past week? and i feel like i should direct it at you guys too! if you haven`t had one, look for one and constantly share your testimony!
i love you all and apreciate everything thanks for it! have a great week!
the pics are of my area, and my companion taking a pee in the bushes haha i alwasy take pictures when my comps pee in the wild haha.
-love elder broadhead


Monday, September 10, 2012

September 3rd-10th, 2012

hey fam,
thanks for the e mail mom, i didn`t get dads though. i pray that things will get better for him everyday. i also wish i could take some of his pain. i`m sure it`s how heavenly father felt watching his son go through the atonement. sometimes i wonder why heavenly father isn`t taking better care of my pops while i`m out here but i`m sure there`s a reazon/plan.
everything went smoothly for the transfers and the ward in camino real is really great and huge with tons of people. i`m in the northern part of the city and it`s mainly a suburb. there`s tons of people and houses. i`m still not used to the faster pace of life here, everyones in a hurry, my last area was a lot more tranquil. this week we didn`t have a baptism and we`re working hard to find one for this week. my companion e charles is really great and a good missionary but his spanish is not too shnazy haha. i`m his padrasta which means stepdad. when a missionary is new in the mission he is called hijo which means kid, and his trainer is his papa and his next companion is his padrasta haha. this sunday we were supposed to have three people come to get confirmed and only one came. it was kind of embarassing when they didn`t come and this bishop was calling for them but i learned a valuable lesson that you have to look out for the converts of the missionaries that were in the area before. we`re going to visit them this week so that they can be confirmed. it`s been kind of weird in this ward we have a ward mission leader and a ward council meeting. i`m going to have to learn how to work with these new tools. it`s kind of sucky not knowing the area but it`s all part of it.
this wednesday we had a zone class and i gave a training, and then friday i went to cardel to do a baptismal interview. cardel is about a half an hour busride north of the city and it`s the only other area in my district. the elders there are are really good though. it`s kind of a bit more stressful being the district leader, i have to remind myself to just have fun sometimes haha. the mission can get stressful sometimes though. we have the weight of the salvation of the people in our area on our shoulders and it gets heavy when they don`t fulfill with their commitments.
we have two investigatores that are going to get baptized on the 23 of september, rafael and his mama. there only problem is that they have to take a bus to get to the church and they don`t have enough money to do it next week. we`re going to visit them tomorrow to see what we can do.
the president of the mision has raised all of the weekly goals and now we have to get a ton of references and teach a ton more lessons to inactives. he wants us to prosilyte less and work more with members active, less active, and inactive. in order to get a reference. it`s really good though i think we`ll baptize more working in this way.
right now we`re going to play voliball with the zone, the zone is a lot smaller than my other one so we can get together on p days now. we have to go get the net and the ball from some members right now. there is a wallmart right next to my house so it`s been great being able to eat all the american brands and stuff, and finally i could buy refills for my razor haha. the house is not too bad but it`s not too great either.
well everything is going great here, i hope you all have a good week. i`ll talk to you later!
oh yeah the stake sent me the stake news letter, tell brother burnett thanks for me!
love ya all!
-elder broadhead

Monday, September 3, 2012

August 27th-September 3rd, 2012

hey fam,

thanks for the mail and updates!

well the big news is that i´m being transferred to a place called camino real, and i´ll be the district leader over there. there has been a ton of changes in the mission this cambio, all of the old zones got split up, and reaorganized was the whole mission to create new zones since now the mission is smaller and new missionaries are continually arriving. areas are beig split and new/old ones are being reopened/created. my new area will be in the zone mexico veracruz. i think it is in the city veracruz, or just outside of, if i´m right. its definitely in the northern part though. i´ll have more information about that next week. my companion will be e. charles. this elder either just finished the 12 week training program, or i will be teaching him the second half, i´m not sure right now but i´ll find out tomorrow! either way he´s pretty new. i´m not gonna lie i was hoping for a mexican companion but i´m sure elder charles is great. i´m a little nervous to be district leader but i´m excited for the opportunity to learn and get better. also a little sad to leave tres valles.

this saturday we baptized cindy. she is really great and one year from now when her and her husband and baby go to the temple, me and elder wheeler can accompany them! that´s gonna be pretty cool, i´m way excited for that, they just gotta stay strong in the church! last night they invited us over to their house and made us hot cakes! their baby jacobo is a cute little guy. we also confirmed miguel, the niƱo that we baptized two weeks ago. the look on his face was great after he got confirmed haha. i think that´s one of my favorite things of the mission, is the look on the faces of the investigatores right after they´re confirmed/recieve the holy ghost. they´re alwasy so happy and filled with the spirit. it´s inspiring and good motivation to continue working.

we had a good week and i was trying really hard to fill the tank of investigatores so that my companion and his new companion, which he will be training a bran new missionary, have tons of baptisms.

president of the mission is trying to start a new thing where we solamente work through references, and we don´t proselyte at all. it´s pretty bold and it will take time but we are going to start working with the members more. he has put on the temple interview questions, have you given a reference to the missionaries this month? crazy stuff i know, but he´s a bold guy.

change is alwasy good and exciting and i´m alwasy going to work hard and baptize no importa where i am. now i just have to keep my elders in the district motivated and baptizing.

i love you all and pray for you much. have a great week and keep loving life with a postivite attitude. love ya!

love elder broadhead