Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 17th-25th, 2012

hey fam,
thanks for the updates and everything, it´s good to hear ol spanky got home ok and had a good time serving. yes mom i got the package, thanks for everything, the debit card was missing though?? haha jk no i have the debit card and everything, just a small joke. i can´t believe you guys are still going to those concerts! sounds fun though.
this week was a little rough, we went to visit dayra on tuesday and they had had some family problems so she had opted to get baptized this next week. el 29. we are praying lots for her. so we once again started frantically looking for someone to baptize. thursday we went to visit alejandra (her first time en the chapel was this last week) we taught her and she accepted to get baptized after the services on sunday, oh we were soo happy. then saturday afternoon right before we were going to head over to her house for the baptismal interview she called and said that she wanted to wait a little more to get baptized, she had some things to think about. we talked with her for awhile, but she also couldn´t come to church yesterday so we are going to visit her tonight to help her overcome her doubts. she is great though and wants to get baptized, just needs help overcoming the opposicion that all the canditates for baptism have. yesterday we also found what is called a regalito, it just means like a gift. a little boy of eight years old that wants to get baptized. all his brothers are members and his parents go to church most of the time but are not married and can´t get baptized and therefore the little boy chucky falls under our jurisdiction. so we are planning on baptizing three this week. dayra, alejanda, y chukcy.
on tuesday after class of district i went up to cardel to do divisiones with e nelson. his companion came to my area to work with e charles. we went to work in un pueblo that is called cempoala. we set the baptismal date with a little girl of nine years old for this past sunday. then i went back to cardel on friday to do the interview. she got baptized this sunday, everything went fine.
one of the members we ate with this week has a son that lives in mexico city that is a luchador (wrestler or fighter) she showed us a picture of him and he looked just like jack black in nacho libre haha it was so funny we cracked up laughing. mexico is great. we also started teaching un kid of 18 years that lives with his wife that is 17 years old. she is a member and they have two kids. he works all day to try and support his family. he is a good kid. i was trying to imagine what it would be like to have two kids at eighteen years old and lots of responsabilty. we hope he accepts this gospel, his name is christian, he´s just soo young. we almost have to get permission from his parents to teach and baptize him,
we discovered that there is beach en our area this week so right now we are going to go look for it to take some pics haha! we´re going to have zone conferences tomorrow and we have high hopes for this week.
pics are of a flower/jello creation that un investigador gave us and just another normal pic.
i love you all, have a great week and look for missionary opportunities!

-love elder broadhead

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  1. Devo is so cute! Love and miss him! I can't believe it will be a year soon!