Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 23rd-30th, 2013

Hey guys,

well i spent a lot of time reading your e mails, good stuff. keep up the diet dad!! thanks for commenting about that mission conference, here the mission himn is brillan rayos de clemencia. brightly beams the fathers mercy, or something like that. 

well the hermano lehi went and bought me a 4000 peso camara for 1800 haha so i bought it from him for 1800 pesos. its like 170 dolares if you wanna put it in my acount! the camara is way nice, it even has wifi haha to send pictures direct from the camara. it can take hd video haha it´s a sony. i got a killer deal. way nice. electronics are way cheaper in mexico.
well i don´t have much time to write but i am way excited for general conference, it is gonna be awesome. we found a new family to teach. a single mom and her kids and nephews and nieces. they all went to church yesterday!! it was awesome. we also found a really humble guy named filiberto that also went to church, he got there on his own, it was awesome. teaching him is going to be hard cause he is really poor and not very educated so it is hard for him to understand some of the things. but we can do it. the training we had in veracruz on friday was great but we got back here way late and didn´t get much sleep. we are going again on tuesday for the zone leaders conference. after the confrence on sunday we are going to baptize jesus in the stake center. he is really excited and making a lot of changes in his life. he loves the church.
i love the gospel and know it is true, i love being led by the spirit to be able to fulfill my missionary purpose. i know that faith is one of the most important principles of the gospel, for something it is the first principle.

thanks for everything, i love you guys.

love elder broadhead

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16th-23rd, 2013

Hey guys,

first off, thanks gramps so much for the contribution!! second off, dad sounds like you should lay off the necteranes or next time you might not make it out of the bathroom haha. classic mom/dad story tara. miss those guys. but good luck with the weight loss dad, "you can do it" (with a mexican accent)!!!

my camera works sporatically, i`m holding off on buying a new one. the good part is that i can get a killer discount cause one of the members is a manager at a mexican store called coppel. might get a new one just to take advantge of the 25 percent discount haha.

well the first week with my new comp elder aragon was good. we are continuing to work here in primero de mayo. we have a solid investigator, jesus, that has a date for the 6th of octubre. he`s a good guy and excited. we`ll continue to teach him this week. he has 17 years. we are teaching several other people but they don`t have a baptismal date. they are progresando little by little. we are thinking about dividing the area with the sister missionaries cause it`s getting annoying that we always get somewhere and find out that the sisters just left. right now it`s just like a free for all in the area but now we are going to divide it in two parts so that we can focus more and work more efectively. 

we have some disobedience problems in the zone and tomorrow my comp and i are going to have to conduct an investigation to see if two elders snuck out to watch the mayweather fight last saturday. dumb move.

the pictures are of us in the verificacion hammock haha. it`s the hammock i bought to verify at night and on sundays. we just lay down and we can see the huge wall that has all the baptismal dates in the zone. it`s way comfy.

well thanks for everything guys, i love and miss you all! I am gettin way pumped up for conference, wow it`s like the superbowl for a missionary haha.

love elder broadhead

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 9th-16th, 2013

hey guys,

hey the hurricane definitly hit hard down here. it rained pretty hard the second half of the week. we got pretty soaked but still kept working. this week i went out to ciudad isla to work with the elders. it`s like two and a half hours away from here and the only way to get there is on a bumpy dirt road. but the elderes are doing good out there and it was nice to be with them. out there in isla they grow a ton of pineapple and that was really cool to see as well. this week are the cambios, my comp is going to the offices as assitent, and my new comp is going to be elder aragon from chihuahua. i already know him, he`s a really funny guy and i`m sure we`ll get a long and work good together. i have been lucky on my mission and have had really good companions.

we have been having really good lessons lately, really spiritual because we are starting to teach the lessons how they should be taught cause we are not in such a hurry cause they have to go to church so many times before their baptism. this week we found some good investigatores and taught them well but only three went to church. we are working with the converts but it is hard cause sometimes they are just really lazy. we are also getting a long better with the sister missionaries in our branch, which is good. this weekend was the mexican independence day and the ward put on a pretty crappy activity haha but the food was good and we got some references out of it. that we just passed to the sisters so they could have some work. also everyone tells me that i look like the mexican boxer, canelo, that just lost to mayweather on saturday haha. it`s soo funny to me cause just cause we both have red hair haha. 

it`s crazy to think i only have 3 cambios left.

hey dad if you can`t think of anything to write me, just share some of the things you did on your mission, some of your memories and experiences.

love elder broadhead

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 2nd-9th, 2013

Hey guys,

before i forget i just wanna mention that my camara is out of use. it won´t take pictures, it turns on and everything to look at pictures but wont take them. a huge favor would be if you could send me a new one or send me a few american dolares to buy one??

thanks for all the e mails. i always love hearing the updates.

this week was good. the traveling assistents came to work with us this week in the zone. it was good. i always love living with four missionaries, it´s a lot more fun, the bad part is, our president of mision doesn´t allow it. today we did a zone activity. we went to catemaco to climb a big hill and look at the view. turned out to be a lot harder than we expected and the sister missionaries couldn´t handle it and got all mad at us. the view at the top was beautiful, the funny part was somebody had put a huge catholic crucifix on the top. there are a lot of catholics here.

i am really liking this new change that the investigatores have to go to church five times, it gives us soo much more time to teach. i feel like i am starting my mission over because i am having to learn to teach the lessons more deeply and i love it. i feel like the spirit is more present in our lessons. before it was just teach them as fast as you can so that they can get baptized in 2 weeks. now we can take the time to make sure they understand the basics. and live them. it´s awesome. i really love missionary work.

this week we will be working on finding more investigatores to teach. we have made this huge map of our area, and we put pins in to mark every member active and inactive in our ward and all the investigators, it is the best map i have made in my mission by far and it makes planning at night a lot easier caus we can just look at the map and know who to visit. this is the last week of the cambio so it should be my last week with elder bahr. but then again i don´t know cause pres treviƱo said that with this new change of 5 times in the capilla that the missionaries will be staying in their areas longer to be able to baptize their investigatores. that makes it about sure that i will finish my mision here. i spoke in church yesterday with the sister missionaries and we did a good job, i feel like it was a good sacrament meeting. we are also doing a thing called mensajeros de luz in all the branches of the zone. it would take to long to explain, so i´ll tell you about it when i get back.

i got an e mail from john hansen this week, he is already home. wow. time goes way too fast.

i love you all and am thankful for your prayers and support and everything. i know the church is true.

love elder broadhead

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 26th-September 2nd, 2013

hey guys,

sorry dad, i did read your spiritual thought and i liked it a lot. actually today in my studies a read seccion 134 of d y c and i too felt the spirit testify to me about the truthfulness of what joseph smith had done. 

the big news this week is that on tuesday we went to veracruz for a conference of lideres and president announced that he had recieved a carta from the area presidency and that now in all of mexico, before an investigator can get baptized he has to go to church 5 times. wow. it was a shocker. before it was just 2 times. i thought if they were going to raise it up it would be 3 or 4 but 5, wow its a lot. i feel really good about it though. i know that this is the only answer to solve the inactivity problems in mexico. they have tried everything else but nothing has worked and this is the last opcion. there are just too many people that get baptized and go inactive a short time despues. i`m sad to say that i have converts that are inactive and it hurts but there is a lot of pressure to baptize every week and we go to all costs to do it. a lot of things are going to change now and everything will be a lot more tranquilo. the good part is, is that we have an investigator that already has been to church five times, her only problem was that she worked as a prostitute because she doesn`t have her papers so she can`t get another job and she has 3 little kids to feed and put diapers on. but this week we found her a new job so we hope that she will get baptized soon. we are also working with other old investigators that have already been to church.

hey thanks so much for the package! i am happy to say that everything has already been put to use and/or eaten. thanks a lot. i should be good on socks now. dad, you can do as you please with the b ball hoop. this week we`ll be working with the zone a bit. i`ll be with mirador on tuesday and on friday i`ll be in ciudad isla. we`re really trying to help the elders be better teachers. a lot of them are good at teaching lessons but not at teaching people.

well i`m really happy and working hard here. thinks are looking good and i`m sure we`ll have a lot of success here in san andres tuxtla, primero de mayo. this week we also had interviews with the president. i had a good interview with him and am always happy for his advice and counsel. 

love elder broadhead