Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 23rd-30th, 2013

Hey guys,

wow, i really enjoyed talking and seeing you guys, it made me more excited to get back home. And i am way excited to go to florida mom! thanks for always preparing fun family vacations, its way worth it!
thats to bad about cody dad, si, i remember him. straight to the celestial kingdom. 
well this week the lord really blessed us. right after we got done talking to you guys, we went out to start working we turned the corner from the bishops house and i contacted a lady that was walking with her little kid. she let us write down her dirrecion and accepted a cita for the next day. so we went by to teach her and she accepted everything, including to get baptized on january 26th. on sunday she went to church and brought her kids with her of 13, 7, and 4 years old. they loved church and the kids saw some people they knew. yesterday night we went to teach them with the bishop and his wife cause they live close and she (silvia) started to tell us about how the day we contacted her she had been praying for god to send her a sign cause she has some problems in her life. so she left her house, turned the corner and we contacted her. she took it as an answer to her prayers. then sunday after church she was praying to know if the church was true and right after, we showed up with the bishop and she is like, that was another sign, yeah, after all these signs i`ll be willing to get baptized. the only problem is that she is not married. aghhh. we also found another really escogida señora that accepted to get baptized on the 2 of february. i feel like the lord has really recognized my efforts and is giving us lots of blessings. i know that if we work hard he always puts people in our path that are ready to accept the gospel. i`m going to miss this place. i`m excited to keep working hard this week and put more fechas!

the pictures are of us with the family that invited us to dinner on noche buena and with the cake on navidad. 

i love you guys! i know god lives and loves us.

love elder broadhead

Monday, December 23, 2013

Veracruz Christmas 2013

December 16th-23rd, 2013

Hey guys,

the 26th is good for me at 1230 mexico veracruz time. i don`t know what time utah.

this week was awesome because i recieved the surprise news that cindy and arturo and their baby jacobo were going to get sealed on friday. presidente treviño called to tell me and give me permission to go. it was pretty cool cause i got to be the acompañante of arturo for the endowment and also we were witnesses in the sealing and got to sign the certificate and everything. it was one of the best experiences of my mission. i felt really good being with them in the celestial room, it`s  a great family. i really didn`t know what to say, overall i just felt really motivated to do it again, to help another family achieve that. i know i only have four weeks left but i am not going to stop being a missionary when i get home.

it was also a good week cause we helped jorge get baptized. he was really happy and the baptismal service was nice. that`s another great family. i also took an oral spanish test this week via internet in the offices, it was kinda hard but i got "advanced" i`m not sure if thats the top level or not but i`m happy with it.

i`m excited for this week because it`s christmas, we are going to take advantage of the chance to teach people about the birth, ministry, and mission of christ and try to teach a lot of lessosn and find news. on the 24th and 25th. it`s gonna be good.

i got the christmas package mom!! thanks so much we enjoyed it all!! i am so lucky to have such a good family that remembers me at christmas time even if i am far away. i`m sorry that i can`t send you guys gifts this year but just know that i love you all and will be thinking and praying about you oft.

love elder broadhead

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 9th-16th, 2013

hey guys,
well first things first. i`m thinking it would be best for me to do the skype on christmas eve in the afternoon. like at three thirty or something like that but if you guys cant i can do it on the 25th or the 26th as well. let me know exactly what day and time you want to do it in your next e mail so i can make the arrangements here. 

something funny happened this week because american girl missionaries are starting to get here and one of them is in my district and when i met her she was like way surprised and said, your elder broadhead?? i was like, yeah, why? she said that she was a follower of my blog and had read all my letters home haha. i`m not gonna lie i felt a little embarased cause i feel like she knows all my secrets haha. weird.

well the time keeps flying by and another week is down. this week we confirmed elva and kept teaching jorge. he is solid to get baptized this week. we are working hard to find new people. edit went to church with her family so that was awesome she should be baptized on the twenty ninth if everything goes well. the only problem is her work cause it is crazy in december so it is hard for her to go to church and for us to find time to teach her. yesterday we had an awesome training from pres treviño and one of the area seventy from here on the obra de salvacion. wow it was awesome. half of the mission was there and all of the ward council of every ward in half the mission. it was packed but amazing because i got to see all the ward leaders of my old areas and it brought tears to my eyes to be able to see and feel the love we have for each other and i recieved the confirmation that this was definitely the place for me to serve my mission, the lord doesn`t make mistakes. i could really see that i did make a diference in these peoples lives and it made me feel really good. i got to see arturo and cindy from tres valles and they said they are definitely going to get sealed before i leave, the delay has been because they are going to move to veracruz at the end of the month. but they are still going strong. i`m so happy to be a missionary. i love you guys a lot!! till next week!
love elder broadhead

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2nd-9th, 2013

hey guys,

thanks a lot for the emails i alwasy enjoy reading them. 
well this week was great cause we had the baptism of elva. the only bad part was that there were problems with the font cause our building is really old and it didn`t fill up all the way, only to less than waist deep so it was a hassle getting her under but it turned out ok. the service was great because this week the ex stake president got called as our ward mission leader and did a great job planning the baptismal service. i absolutely love having a responsable ward mission leader!! we also are teaching a really great part member family that is called jorge. he is really excited to get baptized on the 22 but we are thinking about moving his fecha up to this week cause he is progressing good. he went to church. then came back at four for the baptism, and then went with us to the stake center at seven for the first presidency devotional. he loved it all and loves to have all his family with him in churhc. we are going to take our ex bishop tomorrow with us to the lesson. this week we went to the temple, oh my heavens it was awesome. i love the temple!!! we had the christmas conference as well and i passed in front to give my final testimony. i felt weird. don`t know how to describe it. i have been having a lot of mixed emotions lately about going home but i know i can`t avoid it and am going to take it with a good attitude. i got my travel plans this week as well. looks like i`ll be going to mexico city then los angles then home, it`ll be a long day and i hope my bags don`t get lost. well thanks for everything guys it sounds like your doing well at home, i hope you get feeling a little bit more better dad and i hope taras boyfriend doctor invites her to get married soon. thanks for the updates, love you all!!

love elder broadhead

oh ya also pres called me and asked me to help him out by being district lider this last transfer here in revolucion. that`ll be a nice little change. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25th-December 2nd, 2013

hey family,

it´s good to hear you guys had a nice thanksgiving dinner. we did too haha. the keelers (temple missionaries) put on a nice thanksgiving dinner for some of the missionaries and we got lucky enough to be invited! it was really awesome to eat some good classic american food, oh how i had missed mashed potatoes and i didn´t know even know it hahaha. we had stuffing and turkey and pie. it was really good. i have had two good thanksgivings in my mission. my birthday was also nice because we got a good day of work in, we found a really good lady to teach. we went on saturday morning, we had contacted her last week and put an appt. we got there and she started telling us about all of her problems, hurt knee etc etc but most of all she started talking about how she feels so lonely because a year ago her husband died and she hasn´t gottten over it. we listened and then taught her about through baptism she can one day be with her husband forever, obviously she accepted to get baptized on the fith of january. i love teaching the gospel. we have lessons like that all the time and the spirit testifies to the people and if their heart is open they accept everything. i am saving the two little birthday cakes you sent me mom for my companions birthday that is going to be this sundayon sunday also we are going to have our first baptism here. elva is going to get baptized. she is really commited and we are happy with the conversion process that she has had. we also have been working with the ward list and going to hunt down a lot of the inactives. yesterday the lord gave us the great blessing of arriving with an inactive family and the dad was like, how awesome you guys got here, because yesterday i was telling my cousin that if he saw you guys to tell you to come by. i love how the spirit guides us to people like that. he proceeded to tell us that he wants us to pass by and teach his daughter so she can get baptized. she´s 22 and the only one in the family that is not member. we have an appt forwednesday. well thats basically what we have been up to lately. i have really been enjoying my studies lately and love learning more about the scriptures. especially i like studying the new testament and third nephi to learn directly from the saviors teachings. i love taking the sacrament and then during the week enjoying and battling to have the companionship of the spirit. its great. i love you guys a lot and miss you. thanks for everything you do. that´s great dad that you are studying pmg because when i get home we are going to go to work. it would be awesome to make a family mission plan and try to start sharing the gospel a little more. i know there are people in your lives that the lord is preparing to accept this message. it would also be awesome if you guys could start learning about the work of salvation. go to the web page and watch the videos. those are the same videos we always watch with the members to get them excited to share the gospel.

love you guys

hasta luego elder broadhead