Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 3rd-10th, 2012

hey fam,
thanks for the e mail mom, i didn`t get dads though. i pray that things will get better for him everyday. i also wish i could take some of his pain. i`m sure it`s how heavenly father felt watching his son go through the atonement. sometimes i wonder why heavenly father isn`t taking better care of my pops while i`m out here but i`m sure there`s a reazon/plan.
everything went smoothly for the transfers and the ward in camino real is really great and huge with tons of people. i`m in the northern part of the city and it`s mainly a suburb. there`s tons of people and houses. i`m still not used to the faster pace of life here, everyones in a hurry, my last area was a lot more tranquil. this week we didn`t have a baptism and we`re working hard to find one for this week. my companion e charles is really great and a good missionary but his spanish is not too shnazy haha. i`m his padrasta which means stepdad. when a missionary is new in the mission he is called hijo which means kid, and his trainer is his papa and his next companion is his padrasta haha. this sunday we were supposed to have three people come to get confirmed and only one came. it was kind of embarassing when they didn`t come and this bishop was calling for them but i learned a valuable lesson that you have to look out for the converts of the missionaries that were in the area before. we`re going to visit them this week so that they can be confirmed. it`s been kind of weird in this ward we have a ward mission leader and a ward council meeting. i`m going to have to learn how to work with these new tools. it`s kind of sucky not knowing the area but it`s all part of it.
this wednesday we had a zone class and i gave a training, and then friday i went to cardel to do a baptismal interview. cardel is about a half an hour busride north of the city and it`s the only other area in my district. the elders there are are really good though. it`s kind of a bit more stressful being the district leader, i have to remind myself to just have fun sometimes haha. the mission can get stressful sometimes though. we have the weight of the salvation of the people in our area on our shoulders and it gets heavy when they don`t fulfill with their commitments.
we have two investigatores that are going to get baptized on the 23 of september, rafael and his mama. there only problem is that they have to take a bus to get to the church and they don`t have enough money to do it next week. we`re going to visit them tomorrow to see what we can do.
the president of the mision has raised all of the weekly goals and now we have to get a ton of references and teach a ton more lessons to inactives. he wants us to prosilyte less and work more with members active, less active, and inactive. in order to get a reference. it`s really good though i think we`ll baptize more working in this way.
right now we`re going to play voliball with the zone, the zone is a lot smaller than my other one so we can get together on p days now. we have to go get the net and the ball from some members right now. there is a wallmart right next to my house so it`s been great being able to eat all the american brands and stuff, and finally i could buy refills for my razor haha. the house is not too bad but it`s not too great either.
well everything is going great here, i hope you all have a good week. i`ll talk to you later!
oh yeah the stake sent me the stake news letter, tell brother burnett thanks for me!
love ya all!
-elder broadhead

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