Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 1st-8th, 2012

hey guys,

i feel terrible that you didn`t get my letter last week! i think it`s cause i got too excited and attached one too many pictures and it didn`t send, sorry about that. i copied and pasted it and sent it in another e mail. from now on i`ll send the pics separate so at least you get som information. haha sorry again.

this week was pretty good for us and conference was awesome. i`m not gonna lie a got a good laugh out of mom`s comment, "how do they understand conference?" referring to the mexican people i assume, but mom to answer your question, it is translated into spanish haha. they show it at the stake center (my chapel in camino real) and the whole stake comes to watch, they really only came sunday morning though haha. dad i enjoyed elder hollands conference talk as well. he actually gave that exact same talk to us in the mtc so it was a repeat for me but i still enjoyed it. he did it better in the mtc though cause he just completely applied it to the missionary work and he got more worked up and emotional and yelly and stuff like that. obviously he couldn`t do it in general conference, but it was still good. that`s pretty cool that they lowered the missionary age, i believe i already foretold this event of the lowered age, if you can remember mom, like a year ago i though it was gonna happen haha. it`s pretty cool though, is ash thinking of going on a mission now? you should do it ash, i wish you could come to mexico, but american girls can`t come here!

yesterday was really stressful cause we baptized between the general conference sessions. when we got to the church before conference we found the baptismal font full of nasty water and really dirty haha. since we had alot of missionaries there for the conference they all helped us clean it and fill it for the baptism. we first tried to get the dirty out with a mop, so one elder had to strip down to his garments and went into the font with a mop, it was sooo funny to see haha, but it didn`t work too well so we ended up draining it and cleaning it, then refilling it. it had trouble filling up though so there was hardly any water in there when we did the baptism, luckily, chucky is small and didn`t need much water to be baptized haha.

next week i`m going to get two new elders added to my district, so i`ll have three companionships. they are going to give us another pair of missionaries in our ward in camino real. it will be really nice to cut the area in half and not have to travel so much. with four missionaries in one ward we are going to baptize a lot. the ward should divide in two pretty soon, it`s huge. my district has been performing well and i`m happy with them, we have had two bautistritos in a row, and a third should be coming this week!

on friday i went to cardel to do two baptismal interviews, a lady and her son. i interviewed the son first and he passed, then his mom. she had been having trouble giving up drinking coffee and i couldn`t pass her to be baptized. i had to tell her no and that we were going to have to push it back a week. it was absolutelya terrible feeling. she started to cry and tell me about how she had this grand image of getting baptized with her son. i tried to comfort her and tell her that she could watch her son be baptized this week and then she would be baptized the next week, she reluctantly agreed. it was the first time i had to fail someone in the interview and i didn`t like it one bit. i had to get after the elderes en cardel for not being clear about the word of wisdom. it was a good learning opportunity though. i`ll go back to interview her again this week hopefully.

for this weekend we are going to baptize jose manuel and his nephew that`s eight years old. the nephew doesn`t count for the mission because his parents are members.

well the zone leaders just called me and told me that i have to go find a house for the new elderes that are coming to our ward. so i gotta get goin right now! dang i hate house shopping in mexico, but good thing i had practice in my old area haha.

for my b day the only thing i would really need is another long sleeve white shirt por favor! prefferably not one hundred percent cotton, muchas gracias!
well everything is going good here and we`re working hard. i love the mission!
love you guys and hope you have a good week! sorry about last week again i`ll make sure it doesn`t happen again!

-love elder broadhead


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