Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 15th-22nd, 2012

how`s it hanging! thanks for the mail and the updates. glad to hear dad got a little relief and he cracked me up with the sweat gene joke haha. sí i am constantly sweating here but i`ve long since accepted it. cool new bishopric. good to hear from dust and tara as well. haven`t heard from ash en about six or seven months it seems like. that`s cool mom taught a toffee class. that is going to be so tasty when i get home. and yeah i`ve lost like twenty pounds i think. i`m not sure cause obviouly there is not a scale.

this week was very interesting and fun. me and my new companion/hijo get a long great. his name is elder garcia and he is from zacatecas méxico. he is really progressing fast and he`s going to be a great missionary. he is teaching me a lot of spanish and new words and stuff it is good to have mexican comp again. we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot.

well this week we baptized someone named cecilia. she came to church last week with her friend and already wanted to get baptized last week haha. she is really a nice lady the only problem is that she is really shy and she gets really nervous and it makes her so she can`t talk. i was really happy though because my hijo elder garcia was going to get to baptize his first week in the field. so after the services yesterday we had the baptism. we also baptized the cousin of jose manuel, the one we baptized two weeks ago. aron only has eight years old though and his parents are members so it didn`t count for the mission but he`s a great kid. so anyway we baptize aron, the niño, first, and then cecilia gets in the water for her baptism, my companion says the baptismal prayer, and then goes to baptize her but she refused to dunk herself in the water. she was really scared of the water. so after another failed attempt we made her sit in the chair in the water so it would be easier to dunk her. that didn`t work either, she refused to go under. we kept asking her, hermana if she wanted to get baptized or was it just fear of the agua. she told us that sí she wanted to get baptized but she couldn`t bring herself to go under the water. so we went to go get bishop to help us. he tried calming her down and we even shut the doors of the font so no one could see her, cause she gets really nervous, but that didn`t help either. after about an hour of being in the water and about fifteen attempts. we finally just told her that we would try again another day. she was really sad and embarassed and i felt terrible. so i called and told the zone leaders what happened and they called and told presidente treviño and he said that the baptism counted even though she didn`t go under the water. because she had the desire, she fisically just couldn`t go under. so that was a huge relief and we went straight to her house and told her. she was reall happy after we told her. and so we`re going to confirm her this week next week in sacrament meeting. my elderes en cardel baptized as well so we have had four straight bautistritos. i`m very happy with the work they`re doing.

we`re going to continue working hard and baptizing every week. my lideres have told me that because of visa problems we are not going to get more elderes in the ward until the next cambio. it`s ok though because we are going to baptize an amazing family of four on november eleventh and it would be in the other elderes area if they were here haha. so i`m thankful for that.

well this morning me and elder garcia went with the zone leaders to eat in carls jr. haha it was fun. after we ate we played the card game ``uno´´ for a bit. it was a good time haha. right now we`re going to go paint the house of una hermana de la iglesia and pick up our laundry from the lavendería.

thanks for the birthday updates mom, keep up comin por fa!

well i love you guys a lot and of course pray for you everyday mucho. thanks for being so awesome.

-love elder broadhead


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