Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 22nd-29th, 2012

hey guys!
thank you all for the letters and news. first off ash don`t stress out to bad about the whole mission thing. there`s no pressure for the girls. just pray about it, think it out, and do what ever you think is right! the key is just don`t worry ok! tara sounds like your doing a great job in your new calling, whose in charge of the missionary work in your relief society presidency? is it you? dad, classic costume, i wish i coulda seen it! keep workin hard to relieve the pain eh. mom sounds like your rockin your new calling to! do the young women invite non members to play with them? the young men play here three times a week and they work hard to get non members there. we have had some decent success with it.
to answer your halloween questions. it is called dia de los muertos o algo así on the first and second of november here in mexico. we don`t really pay attention to holidays, or days of the week for that matter as missionarys, the only reminder of halloween we have is the decorations in walmart haha. to answer your questions dad, we didn`t baptize this week, but my elderes en cardel did, they have seven weeks in a row and are going to have eight this week. i`m proud of em. we have dos probables this week and a family of four para el 11 de nov. me and my companion are working good together and he is progressing and learning well. we are going to do a christmas activity that is called tarjetas de navidad en vivo. we are going to go around with the members and invite their friends to a christmas party. we are going to sing a verse of a christmas song and then read two christmas scriptures from the book of mormon. and then the member invites them to the party. it should be interesting. you guys know how i sing haha. to answer your other questoin dad, no we`re not in the rainy season anymore. yesterday arrived something called los nortes. it is strong winds from the north. it makes the weather cool down a little bit and we get covered in sand haha. these next two months will be the coolest of the year and then it gets hot again.
this week we had a meeting with all of the leaders in the mission because our president had just gone to a meeting of mission presidents of mexico last week and then he relayed us all the information from the area presidency. according to some dangerous situations that have occured in other missions we now cannot contact people in the street. we can now only contact the people we feel inspired to contact by the wholy ghost. we now only have to work through references from the members. it is interesting and we are working hard to motivate the members to look for people for us to teach.
the week has gone well and we are really working hard. the time passes so fast i can`t believe it. sometimes i get frustrated and i feel alone but the savior is always there to comfort me. i will never forget these lessons i am learning in the mission. thank you for everything you guys do for me. tara commented to me en her e mail that we should really be grateful to have such great parents, that we really couldn`t have asked for better ones. its so true. thanks for everything you guys have taught me and that you raised me in the church. i really am truly grateful for it. love ya mucho! i hope you have a great week,
love elder broadhead
ps today we are going to eat at sams club with the zone leaders and after we are going to play monopoly haha. i really love the missionaries that i serve with. i`ve made some life long friends here.

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