Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 29th - November 5th, 2012

hey guys,
thanks for the e mails and especially the package! haha i got the package last week, thanks so much, we really enjoyed it! the only thing is that the shirt neck is a little to big. i`ve gotten a bit skinny here haha. it`s ok though i still wear it and it works great. just for the next one, like a sixteen or sixteen and a half would be about right on the neck. we enjoyed the treats and cards, thanks very much! reading the ward news letter was weird. it was funny reading my very strongly over-edited (dad) e mails. haha. and reading about the other missionaries of the ward was cool. sounds like they are doing good. i realized my emails are a little dull and undetailed so i`ll try and do better.
tomorrow is ashley`s birthday!! happy birthday ash!! i love you and hope you have a great b day. if you wan`t anything from mexico, tell me and i`ll get it for you ok?? 18 years old that`s pretty crazy. now you can vote and smoke tobacco right?? haha. enjoy your birthday party! when i get back i`ll sing you las mañanitas. it`s the birthday song in mexico.
this week was a little bit rough for us. we only found two new investigatores and we spent a lot of time looking for old investigatores to invite to the activity we are going to have on the 24th. we are really worried about it and are hoping for a lot of success. it all depends on if the old investigadores show up and if the members bring people. we are working hard inviting everyone though.
this week we didn`t baptize but we are going to baptize a family of four this week. the mom and her two kids are really awesome and willing to get baptized, it`s just the dad we`re having trouble with because we haven`t been able to teach him yet. he works in the ocean on oil platforms. he finally got back last week, so tomorrow we are going to go teach him and show him the blessings of getting baptized together with his family. we hope he accepts so we can baptize the whole family and then they can go to the temple later. it would be pretty cool. we are recieving a lot of references from the members but it is kind of tough learning how to work without knocking doors or contacting. its definitely a process and we are visiting a lot of inactives but it should bring some decent results. the bishop here in camino real is really good. he really supports us and he is a great bishop. he never questiones us or what we do like i`ve seen other bishops do. it feels nice having his full support. in the mission i am learning a lot about leadership in the church. mostly just through watching and seeing the results of the tactics of different church leaders. i`m learning a lot from pres. treviño, couldn`t have asked for a better mission pres. i`m learning about how important it is to prepare the church, the members, and the earth for the second coming of the savior. it is going to be us that hands the church over to the savior and for that very reason we have to prepare it good so we can be proud of it when the moment arrives. i`ve been thinking a lot about the purpose of life and how simple everything really is. we just tend to overcomplicate things as people in general, when all we really have to do is be obedient and we will be happy. obedience is the key, that is all heavenly father expects of us.
we have recieved several good references that we are going to work with this week. we are putting all of the baptismal dates for the 24th so we can have a successfull activity. everything is going well and i`m very happy serving here in mexico.
well looks like we gotta go, we are going to have a second round of "el turista" later today with the zone leaders.it`s a game similair to monopoly haha. i won last week and they want a re match haha!
keep trying to do everything possible to get rid of your back pain dad, more relief will come soon!
i love you guys a lot and hey, navidad is not to far away and then we can talk in person woohoo!
-lover elder broadhead (ahora no tan gordito)
forgot to tell you that this week our i tried to fix our kitchen sink because it had a leak. i touched one of the hoses and it broke off from the wall and started nailing me with water in the face haha, so my companion had to climb up on top of the house to turn off the water and then we went to the store, bought the pìece to fix it and some tephlon tape fixed it, and then we could finally turn the water back on and shower haha. it was funny.

pics of a meeting we had last night with the district leaders and zone leaders. after the meeting we did some armwrestling haha. one of me and elder figeuroa when we did divisiones and one of me washing the dishes.


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