Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 7th - May 14th 2012

dear family

well it was great to talk to you all yesterday and to hear your voices!! christmas will be the next time, we´re in for the long haul now haha! well dad the spanish keyboards are different and it takes me forever to capitalize things or remove haha´s so unfortunately you´re gonna have to deal with it. sorry. that story about cuddles cracked me up. poor old guy. well maybe your back pain is a sign that you need to stop doing yard work so much pops!! but i hope you find out some good things at the doctor.
well after i talked to you peeps last night i got hit by a huge diarreah attack. worst yet. and i had no choice but to use the bathroom at the branch presidents house. it was not pretty.i think it was because i´m pudgy and was desperate for a chocolate milk so i bought one like two days ago, but it didn´t taste right. i´m pretty sure that was the culprit. no more cm for me. anyways we had a zone activity this morning which included playing soccer and having a bbq. it was classic to watch all the missionaries trying to light the charcoal for the bbq haha. also these mexicans are dang good at soccer. i suck but it was still a good time. well it´s been raining pretty hard these last few days, it feels nice at first but then gets annoying when you have to walk around soaking wet. the rainy season is coming up!! i like that better than the dang heat. well we´ve been teaching a guy named amador and he is going to be baptized. he´s a really big stud and he knows that the gospel is true. it´s great to see his testimony grow every day. there was some confusion and he thought he was going to be baptized yesterday at church haha, he was completely willing but we told him that it wasn´t for another few weeks, he was bummed. there are a lot of people that are ready to hear the gospel here. lots of descendents of the people of the book of mormon. they are really layed back so you have to be very bold to get them to do anything, but it works. it´s difficult sometimes because most of the men have to work on sundays, and so it´s quite the task to get the men to church. but we promise blessings, and i´m sure once they go they´ll want to go again. also i hemmed my pants the other day mom!! it looks really ugly but it is holding up for now. i was proud of myself haha. well i don´t really have much else to say since we talked yesterday. everything is going well and i´m settled in, feeling good and we´re going to have a great week this week. very successful i know it. we´re working hard to try and meet the standard of excelence for our mission, for the key indicators. and if we do the promise is that we´ll baptize every week. i believe it is possible. my spanish is coming along. the most frustrating thing is when i think i´ve said a perfectly good sentence and the person looks to my companion and says, what did he say? aaah it´s frustrating. we´ll i guess i´ll try to attach some pics now. also it takes me forever to e mail president treviño cause i have to do it in spanish so i better get to it.
thanks for everything family i love you all soooo much and know that you are all there for me and i couldn´t have asked for a better fam. love ya all. peace out till next week. have a great week!
love elder broadhead

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