Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 6th-13th, 2012

hey fam how´s it hangin

thanks for all the letters i love em! they´re always so classic and i laugh a lot.

sorry i don´t have much time today to write because we still have to change houses but i´ll type fast. so this week we had to spend a lot of time lookin for a suitable house. somebody could make a lot of money on a real estate agency down here cause there are none haha. i now feel certified to be a real estate agent in tres valles because i know of everything thats up for grabs haha. because of that, we just had to work through people and references and what not, we started with the members, obviously, and worked our way outward. we found some reasonable houses and apartments but only one had airconditioning. the only thing is that it is really small, like the size of the kitchen at your house haha. i told my companion no several times, that our things wouldn´t fit but he was relentless and doesn´t like how hot it is here so i finally relented because i will probably be leaving here in three more weeks and he will have to deal with it for much longer haha. so right now we are going to move all of our things across town to the new bachelor pad. the only thing is that we won´t have a washing machine anymore so we will have to take our laundry to the bishops house about a block away and do it there on p days. ill send pics of the new house next week eh?

apart from that the missionary work went fairy well this week. we didn´t have a baptism but the thing is that lizoli, our baptism for this upcoming week, didn´t go to church. this week is the bautimision for presidents birthday and i think we are the only ones in the mission without a sold date haha, it seems to always happen to us but we are going to work hard and have the faith to baptize. in this mission the lord has asked us to baptize every week and i believe it´s possible. president called us and told us to work hard to fulfill with the goal. it´s just been hard cause we had to spend a lot of time looking for a house cause mission presidents wife was pressuring us to find one.

well mom about my hacked debit card, my first thought is that it was probably a mr. elder gruber over there in france that hacked it haha. no but i haven´t had to use it yet and the only time i think i will use it is towards the end of my mission when i wanna buy things, but it´s probably a good thing to have. so send it on down here and pray that it makes it. i´ll keep a look out for it. try and conceal it in the package somehow.

yeah dad you can keep forwarding me the letters. i don´t alwasy have time to read them but when i do it´s fun.

it is true that a hurricane passed through here this week. we did get lots of rain and wind but we made it through ok haha.

i love you guys and thanks for everything. keep trying things to get your back better pops, i wanna beat you in basketball when i get back. i´ll bring you back one of these mexican hammacks. they´re pretty sweet and comfy, it should hit the spot.

other than that things are going well and we´re workin hard!

-love elder broadhead

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