Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 18th-25th, 2013

Dear family,

Well first off, thanks Dustin for the E-mail, i enjoyed hearing from you. Also I hope you have a great birthday this week!! 24 yrs old that`s crazy, what are you going to do for your b day?? Tell me about it next week. Hey, do you remember how I always used to cream you in ping pong en the basement?? haha good times you always spased and bit the paddle and yelled haha it makes me laugh thinking of your dumb serve where you hit your thigh and chest haha like it gave you anymore luck. Well have some more maches when I get home, to see if you got any better haha. Do you want any cool birthday gifts from mexico? I`ll pick you up a souvenir before I go back. Well I hope you have a great day and remember that I love you and look up to you a ton. haha remember when i used to copy everything you did and followed you around haha. you would get so mad haha. it`s cause i looked up to you then and i still do today. Happy Birthday!

Well Dad, we are still teaching Juan and his family, and they almost all came to church this sunday. They had a good experience as well. We also brought two other families to church. It was great. We had ten investigatores en the church, it was a record for me! We will be working with all of them more this week. They are all a little reluctant to accept a sure baptismal date, they progress a little slow, but it`s ok were excited for them. Hey mom, I got the package this week! Thanks for everything, the much needed garments most of all haha. E. chico says thanks a lot for the candy, we gobbled it down pretty fast. E. Chico is so pudgy and funny haha. This week when the trash man came to the door to ask for money, E. chico did this slow motion extremely pudgy dive so that the trash man wouldnt see him haha but it was way obvious that he had already been seen haha but i died laughing. Also mom thanks for the other little gifts, i already gave a way a few of the things to two little girls that we did the baptismal interview for this week.

well we are pretty happy with how all of the new elderes en our zone are working and we feel like the zone is improving. oh yeah and dad the zone class that we had was really good. I`ll send some pictures of it, but i talked about trust and how we need to trust in each other and most of all trust in the lord, and then we did a trust fall activity that was hillarious. Instead of falling into our arms, e chico got scared and triend to back out at the last second but it was already to late so he ended up just basically sittig into our arms instead of falling but it looked hillarious. also we have an elder in the zone that is really tall and when he did the trust fall he kept himself way rigid and did it way slow,it was sooo funny.

this week i have been reading the book of ether and studying about the faith a little bit. first off the book of ether is way sweet and the church should make a movie of it. i especially liked the chapter twelve about the faith, and charity and hope. I was reflecting a lot about the prophets both new and old that have seen jesus christ and the faith it must have taken to be able to do it. I don`t know if you read the liahona of january but it talks about lorenzo snow and how he saw christ as well. I got to thinking and i would love to be able to see him, to be able to talk to him and get to know him a little bit better. It would be such a cool learning experience and so sacred. i would ask him so many things, but mainly just listen and feel. But gosh a lot of faith is needed and i have a long way to go. But i don`t see why it couldn`t happen one day.

well thanks for everything and i love you all alot. I`m working hard here and trying my best.

talk to ya next week!
love Elder Broadhead

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