Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 4th-11th, 2013


I liked your comments about personal revelation tara, i`m sure the conference was great. it reminded me of a quote en preach my gospel from joseph smith that says we can`t be saved unless we learn how to recieve and act upon personal revelation. it`s a hard thing to do. my problem en trying to recieve reveltion like that and to make decisiones is just trying to calm down and think clearly. Looking for the influence of the spirit is key as well obviously.

mom and pops it sounds like you have a fun couple of months coming up, where is aruba? i think its in spain. sounds fun though. you guys all go to lots of movies. make sure to make a list of the good ones for when i get back. congragulations ash that you got the job, that should be fun. i remember that i got scared a couple of times on the river rafting trip haha, especially after the river made me do that doble back flip haha, remember that dad?

i can`t believe anderew cook is already home. what he said about not being competitive is true, and especially i understand because here in mexico they`re always on top of us about the number of baptisms and sometimes we can`t help but compare. here in the mission we get an e mail every week about the announcemnts en the mision and they post the number of baptisms that there were in each zone, and as you already know i`m naturally competitive and that makes me even more competetive. but its true, it`s not a competititon at all. it`s a big lesson that andrew learned.

this week we baptized a girl named guadalupe. she is a good convert and her sister and mom are already members. the baptismal service was really spiritual and she is really happy to be a member of the church. i`ve been trying to work on loving the people more, especially just through praying to be able to love more. it`s amazing the power of prayer. i have been able to gain a strong testimony of that and miracles, here in the mission. so many times in the scriptures it says ask and ye shall recieve. the key though, is asking for things that heavenly father already wants to give us, but they are only granted to us if we ask. Our heavenly father has a lot of blessings for us, he is just waiting for us to ask for them. it results that i have been able to love more and it shows in the way i teach. i felt really good last night when we went to visit the family of juan that we were teaching all of last week, but for a family problem they couldn`t go to church at the last minute. so we stopped by last night and through tears he called us "angels". in my patriarchal blessing it says that during my mission people will be truly grateful for my service as i help them come into the waters of baptism. i have seen that blessing come true varias times on my mission so far and it alwasy makes me feel good. being thankful is a good attribute to have.

i haven`t seen the package yet mom, but i did get your letter. thanks a lot. but don`t worry mom i have gotten a few letters in the mail, about one a month. also i can`t remember if i already told you but keep a look out for some letters that i sent to the house that need to be delivered to the grandparents. i also got a letter from a little boy in our ward. they did an activity in the cub scouts where they sent letters to the missionaries. it was cute when in his letter he said, i would really love it if you wrote me back. haha so i`ll write him a letter back.

well that`s about it. everything is going well here and i am enjoying the mission life, thanks for everything.

love elder broadhead 

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