Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 22nd-29th, 2013

Hey guys,

Thanks a ton mom for the package, yes i got it in the zone conference we had this week in tuxtepec. Hey so i think it will be the 12th at six o clock in the evening, here. i don´t know what time it is over there. I just need to know what account to look for, or name to type in, cause i can´t remember from the last time.

Hey sorry, i don´t have a lot of time to write today because we went to the ranch of the hermano alvarado, picture attached. It is about a half an hour our of tierra blanca and we left at eight am and just got back like an hour ago and we still have to go wash our clothes. It was a ton of fun though. they gave us lots of good things to eat, fruit, hamburguesas, etc. and we got to help him work on his ranch, we helped him repair his fence, and we got to rope some cows haha it was fun. I hope the elderes enjoyed it as well, it looks like they did.

This week i went to tres valles to do divisiones and got to see my convert, cindy. she was my last convert in tres valles. her husband was already a member, so we reactivated him and baptized his wife cindy. they are donig really good. cindy is president of the young women and arturo (her husband) is president of the elders qourumn. It was so great to see them and to be able to get them excited again to go to the temple. in august she completes a year of member so i will still be here. it would be great to be able to go to the temple with them.

yes dad it is still incredibly hot here in tierra blanca. i´m sitting here sweating loads just typing this letter haha. we have to constantly be drinking water to stay hydrated. every house we go to we ask for a glass of water, and thats what we do to stay hydrated and to not have to carry water with us.

The zone conference we had this week was really awesome. i learned that a lot of times when we teach the gospel, we kind of skip over the repentenance step and jump right to baptism. President treviƱo talked a lot about repentance and that the investigatores have to feel godly sorrow in order to be able to truly repent and feel the need to be baptized. He also said that we need to constantly be repenting as well so that we can truly have a testimony of repentance and be able to teach it to the people. I have been thinking a lot abou it this week and have been trying to teach repentance better and also repent more. i´m trying to repent for a lot of things, but mainly for not loving my companion like i should. He´s a great missionary but just really bugs the heck out of me. i don´t know what it is but i know i need to love him and the only way to love someone is serve them. so  i have really been looking for ways to sevrve him these last few days and it has been helping me a lot. i feel like my testimony of repentance has been strengthened.
we baptized two this week. jasmin and roberto. the baptism of jasmin was a miracle because we had to marry her on friday but we also had to go to the zone conference in tuxtepec. we left everything in charge to the ward mission leader and started fasting. and by some miracle, and without the proper papeles she got married. and we could baptize her on sunday. and the best part is, her husband wants to get baptized  now too! haha we will be working with him this week. Roberto is also a great convert and we have activated his mom as well. I love teaching the kids, they´re awesome.

well we´ve gotta get going, and thats about it thanks so much for everything and i love you all a ton.
i´m excited to talk with you guys in two weeks!

hasta luego.

love elder broadhead

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