Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 27th-June 3rd, 2013

Hey guys,
It was pretty funny hearing about the birthday fun and the new developments of the week. Sorry it´s a little late, but happy birthday dad!! I hope you have a great fifty third year, i´m sure you will. Thanks for being the best dad a guy could ask for. I love you a lot and wish you a happy birthday. Presents will have to wait until after haha.
This week was good. We worked really hard, Elder offer hall and i, and we had really good numbers. we brought eight people to church and the baptism of jose antonio was great. simple, fast, and spiritual. He was really nervous for his baptism but we did a few practices and he felt better. he is really timid, and i saw that he was shaking a little bit after the baptism but he was happy and thats what counts. the family we are teaching is progressing and they love going to church and the english class haha. the only problem is that they are not married and the dad, obdulio has to get divorced still. But we are going to baptise the two kids, this week. it´s great because this family always gives us a ton of references. they are really social and know a ton of people and anyone that passes by when we are there teaching them, they always yell at them so they come in and listen too haha it´s awesome. the only problem in the lessons is that obdulio talks a ton haha sometimes we have to cut him off a little bit, but it´s all part of being an effective misionary. That is one thing abou the people here, is that they talk like you can´t believe haha. This week the assistents came to do divisiones with us. it was good. we also went to veracruz on thursday for the counsil of leaders. it was also really good. This week we will be working with julian as well. he has been to church three times now, but he still feels like he wants to know more before his baptism. we almost have taught him all the lessons and commandments, and then we are going to let him decide.
the zone is slowy improving, we just have trouble with the elders en tres valles, they are not working very good. we are going to go do divisiones with them this week to see what is happening. It is still raining everyday in the night and morning and sometimes in the afternoon, but then the sun comes out and it´s hot. we have been lucky, we havent got too whet yet. Things are good with me and my comp, but i think we need to be a little bit more focused sometimes we get distracted talking about things cause he is about to finish his mission, but we are going good. I try to serve him alot, ironing his shirt, shining his shoes, little things so that we can have the spirit more. I have been lucky in the mission, my companions have been good.

well that´s about it, tell brother accord and cook that i say hi too! thanks for everything guys, I love you all! good luck in moab ash!

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