Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

June 24th-July 1st, 2013

Hey guys,

I enjoyed the emails this week. Tara that would have been really funny to see that bee/pool experience. That reminds me, i still have lots of fear of bees and this week we were teaching a lesson to some recent converts, and almost all the lessons we teach are outside of the houses, in the shade, and the people just put some chairs out, because the houses are like ovens, and its cooler outside. but we were teaching and a huge bee came out of nowhere, here there are huge black bees that scare the heck out of me, so i took off running and the converts started laughing so hard at me cause i´m scared of bees haha. 

I also got a good laugh out of that special needs experience that you had dad, when they collided. are they splitting the special needs boundaries or what? mom that´s good  that you are getting used to your new job. i´m sure you´re doing great. 

this week was good. we had a good baptismal service of the hermana rosa. She is already member, but her record got lost so we had to baptize her and confirm her again. but at the start of the week we went to her house to teach her and she tells us that she doesn´t want to get baptized until julio 21 and we´re like what happened hermana! but all we had to do was testify, we didn´t pressure her at all or anything, and she convinced herself that it was better to do it this week. i learned that we don´t have to pressure anyone, if we do our part, the spirit of the lord testifies and does his part. but the best part was that her mom, the old lady in the picture wants to get baptized now. we are also going to baptize andres this week. he is the kid of a family that is just starting to get active again. he´s excited for his baptism because he stayed to see the baptism of rosa, and liked it. we worked hard this week with the converts and the members. some of the members really caught on and are working good with us. it´s hard because some of the converts don´t want anything to do with the church. it´s hard for me to understand sometimes, why they got baptized in the first place. i am happy with the way we are working in the area, we are trying to implement this whole program in the zone but some of the elders are reluctant. we did a zone class this week that was good, the elders liked it. tomorrow we are going to veracruz for the monthly zone lideres council. my companion only has five weeks left but we are working really hard and taking advantage of every moment. it´s fun having another pair of missionaries in the ward, cause we get to work with each other a little more.

well there is not much else to say about this week, but thanks for everything and we´ll talk next week.

love elder broadhead

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