Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 19th-26th, 2013

hey guys,
thanks for all the emails this week. i especially love getting mail from my grandparents. thanks guys!!

well i don`t have much time today cause we got up at four o clock in the m orning and went to santiago to hike up a huge hill that is called cerro de la viejilla and we got back late cause it took a while. lots of people here think it is hill cummorah so we took a book of mormon signed it, dug a hole at the top of the hill and buried it with some other recuerdos haha it was pretty classic. i`ll send the pics. this is a beautiful place. 

this week was crazy cause we tried really hard to have a bautizona. we spent the week traveling throughout the zone to help the elderes and sisters asegurar their fechas. we worked really hard and their were a lot of miracles that happened in the zone but al final we couldn`t do it. we ended up baptizing 15 en total. en the zona. it was a lot and we were happy with it. it was a bautizona tecnica. cause we are fourteen companionships. one of the sister missionary companionshipes baptized five people. wow. we went to the baptismal service and it was really good. the hermana acevedo that is from peru sang a musical number that was really good. and the spirit touched my heart and confirmed to me one more time that the church is true. we baptized ivan on tuesdsay. we married them tuesday morning and baptized them in the afternoon. it was a crazy day. on thursday we traveled to veracruz for presidentes birthday. it was fun. we are going to veracruz again on tuesday for leadership conference. lots of travel. i`m getting sick of it. i just wanna be in my area working. it rained hard on sunday morning so a lot of people didn`t go to church.

my comps name is elder bahr. he`s a good guy. and dad, you can do whatever you like with the b ball hoop. giving it to the neighbors is a good idea. 

i love you guys a lot and am so happy to be a missionary. i love feeling the spirit all day long and am learning little by little how to listen to him better and it always yields great results. 

 love elder broadhead

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