Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December 30th-January 6th, 2014

hey guys,

well i`m not gonna lie, its hard on mondays now that everyone is reminding me nonstop that i don`t have too much time left. it makes me feel weird. but thanks for the e mails i always love hearing about what you guys are up to. 

presidente let me know that he had approved the extension that i asked for to be here for the visit of the general authority, but you`ll be happy to know that i explained to him that you guys had got mad when i mentioned it and so i turned it down. 

on new years eve we worked until about eight thirty then went to eat dinner at the house of a sister that lives close by that had invited us until nine thirty. then the next morning we had a conference with all the zones of veracruz cause president knew that all the people were hung over so it wouldn`t do any good to go out and work in the morning haha. 

the sucky part was that the investigatores didn`t go to church cause they were all out of town, but edit is still going strong for her fecha on the 19th. and the american sister missionary that was in my ward went home this week so we took over all the investigatores that they had and we went around gettin to know them. we are still working with silvia and maria delia, two great investigator families, but we have to get them married. 

on sunday i gave a class to all of the liders of the ward and their families about how to share the gospel and use preach my gospel. i think it went well, we`ll see if it gives restults. it`s part of the new ward mission plan that we are implementing this year. 

all in all it was a pretty average week, i`m just really happy that all the festive dates are over cause it makes it a litle hard to work. everything is getting back to normal. today is a festive day here in mexico, its called the day of the three wise men. the kids get more gifts, and the custom is that they eat a big piece of delicious bread called a rosca. 

i still feel fine and am continuing to work hard to bring souls to christ, i love doing it. i feel fine about going home, i`m obviously going to miss the mission a lot and all of the friends that i have here, but i have no regrets. i have tried hard to live everyday of my mission like it was my last and though i have had difficulties and hardships i have learned alot and given everything of me. the only thing i`m a little scared about is adjusting to the change. but i know that i can do it with your help and with the lords. 

dad i can`t visit that website till i get back, but thanks anyways. mom i`ll try to remember to get you my drivers licence number for next week. thanks guys i love you all!!

love elder broadhead

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