Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 18-23rd, 2012

Hey family,

 Hi guys thanks so much for all of the letters and the package that you sent!! It means a lot to me that you are thinking about me and praying for me. I have gotten the most mail of my district so i'm feelin pretty confident right about now. Granted, all the elders think the mail is from girls but I don't have the heart to tell em its all from my family and guy friends haha. Pops i didn't know that bishop wanted updates, did he say that or are you just assuming? if it's the former, send me back his address.

 Well the first couple of days here at the MTC were pretty crazy! It is a great experience though and I am loving every second of it! Our nametags have a red dot on them the first day so everyone knows you are new and they go out of their way to help you and make you feel welcome. But i took it off as quick as I could cause I didn't wanna be labeled the 'new guy.' My companion is Elder Wirthlin and he is from Arizona. He is a really good guy and i'm so grateful I got him as my companion. He is the only one in my district that is willing to work hard with me and not waste one second. We are studying as much as we possibly can. I have learned so much already and it has only been like five days. Everyone keeps telling us that things get easier once you get into a routine, so i'm looking forward to this week when our schedule gets finalized and we can really get moving. I really love my roomates as well. they are E. Johnson and E. Davis (redhead) and we all get along really well. All four of us are going to Veracruz and then there are four in our district going to Oaxaca Mexico, and then two in our district that are going to Peru. The two that are going to Peru leave us in three weeks for the Peru MTC. I'm way jealous. But we have had some great times and I really love my district. we love to work but we also love to laugh. They had us start teaching an investigator who only speaks spanish, on Friday! It was really hard cause we knew no spanish and had to rely on the spirit. E. wirthlin and I prayed for the spirit to be there right before we went in, and the lesson didn't go too bad. We have been teaching him every day since then, except sunday, but it is really tough. Spanish is frustrating but I know the lord will help me so i'm confident that it'll come. We also say all our prayers in spanish. I guess this is the best way to learn but it is kinda tough.

We have really good instructors that care alot. we also have a great branch presidency. every week we have to write a talk in spanish then he randomly calls on two people from our zone to speak. So i wrote a talk for yesterday but luckily i didn't have to give it. the idea is that when we get to mexico we will have a whole slew of talks at our disposal. Probably the most important thing that I have learned since being here is that my mission has absolutely nothing to do with me. Everything that I do from now on is completely about the people in Mexico. all my studying and work is so that I can help invite others to come unto christ, which is our purpose as missionaries. they really pounded this into our heads and it has changed my focus a little bit. everything that I right now is for my lone investigator, David, who we're teaching right now. we actually are going to teach him in about an hour so wish me luck. our lesson this time will be about the first vision. all in spanish of course gosh dangit.

How are things at home? keep me updated with everything! oh also I can't really attach pictures to this thing so i'll print them out and send them to you and you can scan them into the computer or whatever. I know it's lame mom, but hopefully the prints will satisfy you. i'll keep them on the sd card and flash drive as well so I can keep em all.

I feel like there is a lot that I am forgetting to tell you and i'm sure i'll realize it later but they only give us a half hour to write these things. oh yeah i'm getting even pudgier cause all we do is eat, sit at class, study, eat, sleep, repeat. granted they do give us fifty minutes five days a week to work out. but it doesn't feel like enough and my belt notch is showing the consequences. the food isn't bad though. well speak of the devil i gotta get off to dinner, so thanks so much for the letters and kind words, I love you guys all sooo much. Keep the missionaries and investigators in your prayers. The gospel is true and the atonement works!

 Love Elder Broadhead

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