Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, February 27, 2012

February 20th-27th, 2012

What's up fam!

First off thanks for the thoughts on lesson three, it was great insight I hope you learned at least one small thing that could help you out in your own lives as well. This week one of the things I'll be studying is commitments. It is one of the chapters at the end of PMG so look into that this week and give me some feedback. When I study, I like to answer the questions, what (doctrine) why (principle) and how (application) this helps me stay focused and apply it to my investigators. It sounds like the house renovation is going good so keep that up. That's a huge bummer about the concert, oh well it sounds like you had fun anyway.

You asked some really good questions so I'll try my best to answer some of them. But first Mom that was pretty classic about sending the cupcake mix, I thought you did it on purpose as a joke cause I'm so pudgy. I got a good laugh out of it. Maybe I'll just mix up the dough and lb it. But in answer to your question Mom I haven't spent any of my own money. They give you six dollars a week so that usually takes care of all the necessary expenses. I might buy some things before I head for Mex though. Also did you get the letter I sent for Dustin's b day? I didn't have his address so I sent it to you to forward to him. I only ask because apparently some of my mail hasn't been arriving. My friend Elder Curt told me that none of my friends have been getting my mail so it made me kind of mad. So if you see them tell them sorry, I've responded to all of their letters they just haven't recieved them, I'm not sure why. Tell them to send me their e-mail address in another letter and it will make things easier I think. Especially for Mexico. So if Dust didn't get my letter tell him I say Happy Birthday and was thinking of him. Anyway Dad in answer to your question about if they spend any time teaching us how to teach, the answer is yes. Besides studying spanish and the gospel that is all we do. We do it mostly through practice, then feedback. We teach about two or three lessons a day to different people. All in spanish of course. Yes pops I got your advice on being a good leader. Thank you for that. This week we got some new Elders in our zone, and one of them was Elder Trevor Beazer! It's been cool being able to kind of show him the ropes, I'm actually doing laundry with him right now.

The word on the visas is that missionaries are still getting temporarily reassigned. We have about another week and a half before we should get our travel plans. The good news is that if I get reassigned I'll be able to call you guys and tell you where I'm going. Also I get to call you at the airport, that was news to me. Either way, I'll get to Veracruz eventually. I'm so excited, our teacher tells us so many cool stories and the people down there are just awesome.

I had a really good week, I'm feeling a lot more prepared for things and starting to get antsy to get out in the field and start helping real people! Quick funny story, one of the companionships in my district was teaching a lesson, and they tried to have the investigator read the last two paragraphs of the introduction, but they accidently turned to the wrong page and they had him read a page about how there might be errors in the translation from english to spanish! haha so the investigator was way taken aback and like started asking all these doubtful questions haha. It was hillarious, they were sooo embarassed.

Well I'm still learning a lot, and my spanish is improving as well as my knowledge of the gospel. I love the personal study time where I have a chance to really recieve a lot of revelation. I've been sufficiently humbled realizing that I don't know a whole lot about my own church, so it's movitaving me to study pretty good. I love studying about the atonement and Christ. There is so much we don't even understand. There is a quote in the first few chapters of PMG I think that says, with a greater understanding of the atonement comes greater power. I have found this to be so true. I will go anywhere the Lord asks me to go and do anything He says. No questions asked. He knows best. This gospel is true I could never think otherwise. I am really excited to see it completely transform peoples lives. It's going to be incredible.

I love you guys and pray for you always. I hope all goes well this week!

-Love Elder Broadhead

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