Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 11th-18th, 2012

dear family,
hey guys whats up! i sure do love getting your e mails they are pretty funny. in all the e mails I got this week i think cuddles got the most shout outs haha. i hope his little surgery and journey to taras house go well haha. have fun in moab as well. i guess you´ll be there when you get this . sounds like a cool trip. pops for my part of the fathers day, my favorite story of you would have to still be the time at the gym when you farted hahahaha. i know that i don´t have to explain any farther.
well this week was a week of a ton of traveling. tuesday we traveled to tuxtepec for clase de zona. wednesday night me and elder wirthlin my mtc companion traveled to veracruz to sleep and then to go to the imigracion office thursday morning and sign papers and stuff. that was a classic time it´s always a blessing to get to spend some time with him. due to some confusion i had to stay in tierra blanca the rest of thursday and i slept there thursday night. it was cool to be able to teach with my mtc companion and see the progress that we´ve made. i still remember when i met elder wirthlin the first day of my mission haha. saturday we traveled to aleman to help the new district leader. his companion got sick and i went out with him to their lessons while my companion took care of the sick american elder. sunday was stake conference in tierra blanca so we had to travel there yesterday. we really didn´t have much time in our area this week but we still got some good work done. we set three baptismal dates or the upcoming weeks. we have this really solid first lesson that we give that always ends up with a baptismal date. we´re working pretty well together, elder zamarripa and i even though we have our differences. (he´s really messy).
well it rained like crazy this week and we´re officialy in the rainy season down here. it makes it kind of difficult to work but i enjoy the relief from the sun and heat. the streets get flooded though and we have to walk in water that´s like ankle deep haha.
oh yeah before i forget could you send me a book called ´´1001 pitfalls of spanish´´. the assistantes told me that it was a great book to really perfect your spanish grammar. i´m not completely sure of that title but it´s a blue and yellow book that says something like that. just send it to the mission offices and i´ll eventually get it. thank you!
in answer to mom´s questions- no i haven´t used my raincoat, we get wet there´s no way to avoid it. also i get all the toileteries and stuff that i need from the bigger cities when we travel. i´m going to get a pillow this week so i´m excited. my cooking skills have not improved. firstly because there is no room for improvement, give me a recipe and i´ll cook it. secondly because there´s nowhere to cook. my favorite food is either the tacos, enchiladas, quesodillas or really anything. everything is great and i´ve loved it all. the food is all really fresh and awesome. what i don´t like is the hot soup and that we usually have as an apetizer every day haha. they don´t understand that hot soup is not that satisfying in hot weather haha.
also as i´ve read this e mail over i´m not sure if i´ve spelled some things correctly. my spelling is going downhill with learning another language haha.
the pictures are of me and the kids of a recent convert family, julio, abraham, y gabriela. another is of a flooded street and the last is of me and my old district leader elder brito.
everything is going well here in mexico we are working really hard and this week our goal is to fulfill the standard of exelence with lessons. fifteen lessons taught with member present and fifteen other lessons taught. it´s always tough to get fifteen with member but we´re gonna do it this week. well tons of things happen during the week that i wanna tell you about but i can never remember them when i sit down to e mail. i think i´m gonna start writing them down so i can remember them in the e mail.
this saturday we are putting on an activity at the church with the support of the branch that´s going to be a representation of the plan of salvation. i´m playing the part of god hahah cause i´m white they made me do it. we´re hoping to get lots of investigatores to come and the members should all be bringing a nonmember friend. so lots of references. there´s going to be food as well and it should be a big success. i´ll let ya know how it goes next week.
pues, ya nos vamos. vamos a salir y trabajar. pero todavĂ­a tenemos que comprar algunas cosas por la semana de la tiendita. les quiero a todos mucho y tenga una semana buena con mucho exito en todo.
peace out!
-love elder broadhead


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