Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 4th -11th, 2012

hey guys,
thanks for all the e mails and dad thanks for the advice on personal revelation. loved it and i´m going to encorporate it into my teaching. good luck with your injection tomorrow i have a feeling that everything will be ok and it will help. on that note happy fathers day next sunday!! i want to tell you how happy i am to have you as my father and if i can be half as good a guy as you are one day i´ll be satisfied. i love you soo much and hope you have a great fathers day.
tara it sounds like you are enjoying life and vacationing hard core.
that´s cool that you got to see some of my friends. it´s weird to think of them serving missions haha. they need to hurry up and get out here though there´s tons of work to be done.
so last wednesday we had a zone conference in the port city of veracruz. last tuesday night we had to travel there and we slept over in the mission offices that night. it was a great time being there with all the elders and it kinda felt like a big slumber party haha. it´s great that i can still talk with my mtc companion and i´m lucky to still be in close contact with him. the next day we had the zone conference in a church next to the temple. it was great to see the temple in real life, and the conference was awesome i learned a ton. all the new missionaries and the missionaries that were departing got to go up and share their testimonies. so i got to do that as well. it was cool to see the difference between the departing missionaries and the new ones like me haha. we didn´t get back to tres valles until seven that night so it was a pretty big two day trip. it was a great experience though.
well today starts the next transfer and my district leader is leaving for his home in ecuador. i´m sad to see him go he´s taught me a lot and he was a great missionary and example. we´re actually going to head to aleman to say goodbye to him and have a little party when we finish up here at the internet cafe. we´ll be getting a new missionary to fill his spot that is coming from xalapa. i´m not being transferred north so i will be in the mexico veracruz mission and not the xalapa. the work is the same everywhere i really didn´t have a preference, it´s just a little bit cooler (not as hot) in the north.
so like three days ago we were walking to an appt and we pass a house that has a bunch of kids sitting in the front yard eating a fruit called papaya. there´s like three or four of them and we greet them in passing, not thinking anything of it, then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i see my companion duck and then i get nailed in the face/shoulder with the rind of a papaya haha. and i turn to look and all the little kids take of running haha. so i had papaya all over me and for a split second i was way mad but then i was overwhelmed with a complete feeling of love for the kids. and at that point i felt like a true missionary cause i had been persecuted for the sake of jesus christ and the scripture came to mind, ´he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it´ i´m not really sure why or how that applies but i really love that scripture now. and i know that when someone suffers something for jesus christ, that person is blessed. so i guess i feel blessed for getting pegged with the papaya haha.
we´ve been struggling getting people to come to church so we don´t have a baptism lined up for this week but last night we found two great families to teach and my companion and i both felt that they were elect families. we´ll see what happens with them but we have high hopes.
i gave a talk yesterday in the ward and for the first time in my life and went over the time i was alloted to speak haha. i´m not sure what happend but my talk was on charity and i just got on a roll and kept going. i didn´t have time to prepare anything but i guess i´m at the point where i can just give a talk now without having to take a bunch of time to prepare haha.
well we gotta get going now but the pictures i attached are one of me going to slap a donkey, one of our blue house, and one of the zone activity that happened like five weeks ago in tuxtepec.
oh yeah mom in answer to your questions it rains about everynight and i lay in my bed and look out the window/hole in the wall and watch the lightning. it´s pretty cool. but it´s roasting hot in the day and i´m sunburned but not quite as bad with this umbrella that i´m usin. good to hear that you finally got my letter haha. i can´t even remember what i wrote though
i love you and hope you have a wonderful week this week! good luck with everything, have faith in the lord and remember that this life is short so we have to take advantage of the time we are given!
elder broadhead



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