Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, June 4, 2012

May 28th - June 4th, 2012

Dear fam,

well it was great to hear from you all, and yes mom time is flying. i can´t belive how quick it is going. my only reference is your letters that you send me. i´ll be reading about something that happened with you guys and be like wow i can´t believe school is already ending or something like that. time is not the same for missionaries haha. and yeah i can communicate with people pretty good but spanish is still the most frustrating thing by far. i just wanna be fluent already haha. also sorry mom i don´t have time to answer all of your questions about the details of the living situation just know that i´m doing just fine and that we grocery shop and only eat with members for lunch. and sometimes the member that we live with gives us leftover breakfast. she´s really nice and helps us out a lot.
but yes we did have a baptism this last saturday! it was great experience to be baptizing someone and helping them make that very important covenant with dios. i was a little nervous but everthing went fine and it was a great baptismal service. actually efren, the young man we baptized is on the computer two down from me haha. he´s a great kid with a strong testimony. he´ll stay active. there´s about five hundred members here in my area and about one hundred consistently make it to church. that´s including both the branch and the ward. it´s a tad bit frustrating.
well it was crazy hot this week here in tres valles and the sun is very strong, and we walk in it all day. sometimes its difficult and i get tired and frustrated with spanish but if i have learned one thing so far it´s that the savior is always there for me. i rest well in the comfort that no matter what the world throws at me or how hard it gets He is there for me always and knows how i feel and is willing to help me. cause he loves us more than anyone can imagine. that knowledge gets me through the tough times.
but we have had success in finding families that are ready to hear and accept the gospel and we have two families on date for this month of june. we had a lesson last wednesday i believe with one of the families, and we brought the second counsellor of the branch to help us with the lesson. low and behold he did more harm than good but it was classic to witness. so we get into the lesson on the plan of salvation and hermano constantino, the member that we brought, starts going off on all sorts of deep doctrinal issues and quoting scriptures out of nowhere and me and elder zamarripa are just sittin there dyin as we watch the family get more and more confused haha. he talked about the lost pages from the book of mormon, how abraham was chosen to be a prophet in the preexistence, and even a little bit about the temple covenants haha. it was crazy and we learned that we should tell the member exactly what we want them to say, before the lesson starts.
the other family is a mom and her son and they are pretty awesome. we invited them to read and pray about the book of mormon, and yesterday, both of them told us that they had recieved a solid answer. it was awesome, they were soo excited to tell us, and then the mom told us that she thinks god sent us to her house to help them. we told her that´s exactly what happened.
well it´s the last week of the transfer and i´m going to be with elder zamarripa for next transfer as well at least. and the mission is going to split so it looks like i´ll be in the southern half, the veracruz mission. we reorganized the house this morning to change things up for next transfer haha. and when i say reorganized i mean we swapped the beds and the desks. also i have unlimited pesos to spend haha. i think there was some sort of mistake when i got reassigned so i have waay too many pesos on my card. so we have been eating a little bit better lately haha. i´m calling it a blessing in disguise.
have a superb week guys i love you sooo much and am thankful to be part of your family. tell nana i say hi!
-love Elder Broadhead - is that enough capitilization pops? hahahaha
jk i´ll do better next week. love ya

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