Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 23rd - 30th, 2012

Whats happenin guys?
hey sounds like everything is goin well, thanks for the e mails i love em. first i got a crack out of elder riley broadhead`s comments about his dad haha it reminded me of you pops, and then i got a crack out of grandpa calling the MTC the IMC haha i love it. also tara thanks for the play by play you gave me on the very eventful journey to your car haha. hope you guys have fun on your vacation! how`s the weather like where you guys are?
well this was the first week with my new companion elder wheeler. he is from arizona and a good missionary. he has one more transfer than me in the mission. the new mexico veracruz mission is full of new missionaries, over half of us have six months or less! we had a mission conference last week that was very good. learned a lot and said goodbye to elder zamarripa and welcomed elder wheeler to tres valles. we work fairly good together and i`m sure we`ll have success. we weren`t able to baptize this week but we have a date for this weekend that should be solid. her name is lizoli and she is a single mom. her little boy is so funny, he cracks me up everytime i see him, he`s like four years old i think but he`s soo funny. he misbehaved pretty bad at church yesterday though haha. lizoli works at a taco stand and gives us free tacos, very good might i add. she has met with the missionaries before, a long time ago, and she always has really good questions when we teach her. i`m fairly confident she`ll be baptized this week, she`s one of those good people that just belongs in the church ya know.
well i really don`t have much to say this week. we got soaking wet before church yesterday cause we went to pick up investigatores and it started to rain really hard and i was the only one with my umbrella of course (constantly) so we both huddled under it but like twenty five minutes later we got to church soaking wet and my companion got asked to give a talk. it was hillarious though cause he was dripping wet giving his talk haha.
we`ve been doing a lot of finding this week and we will continue with it this upcoming week and we`re confident the lord will put chosen people in our path that are ready to be baptized. it`s my first time as senior companion and there´s a little more pressure but it`s still a good time. the people here are hillarious and they always make me laugh so that helps me not get so stressed out with all the responsobility we have as missionaries. sometimes it`s a little overwhelming but the lord helps us constantly.
mom that`s really nice of you to offer to send baptismal clothing but i think we can get some smaller sizes we just have to ask the other elders or the mission office, and they`ll help us out. thanks a lot though.
well i love you guys and i am very thankful to be part of this family. i`m also very grateful for the opportunity that the lord has given me to share the gospel full time! thanks for all your support.
the pics are of my new companion and of me and my old companion at the mission conference. they gave us pins for the four bautizonas haha.
oh and also i got the package you sent thanks so much!
-love elder broadhead

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