Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 16th - 23rd, 2012

Hey my peeps!

hows it going? it was great to hear from everyone this week i love it. also thanks for forwarding me riley´s e mail that was cool to read. rather short though right? maybe that´s what happens at the end of the mish haha. thanks for the updates on everyone and my old buddies and stuff, that´s pretty funny about daniel and about ben b. and tyler. tell ben to stick it out, i loved the mtc but the field is a ton better, tell him i had to stay in the mtc an extra week so i had ten there, but i think he is going to be there for twelve, speakin chinese. i´m sure he´ll be fine though. also dad i got a laugh out of mom´s word choice of ´shoe´´ last week as well. also ash thanks for the e mail. i haven´t heard from dust in a while, give him a shout out for me will ya? i havent got the package yet but we´re going to veracruz tomorrow for transfers so i´ll look for it at the mission office.
well this week was pretty crazy again. we worked all week with nancy and israel her husband so they could be baptized, even the district leader came to our area to help us out with them twice. on thursday night they finally commited to be baptized on saturday. we were soo happy because again we were the only ones in the zone that didn´t have a solid date for this last weekend. the problem with nancy and israel is that they are having trouble in their marriage. we tried to help them understand that the gospel would help them in their marriage. israel alwasy wanted to get baptized, he just wanted to do it together with his wife, but nancy had her doubts about baptism. so on thursday nancy finally commited and it was a huge relief. one of her problems is that it was that time of the month for her and she didn´t want to get in the water hahaha. anyway we were way happy and friday we went to the ciudad aleman to help the district leader because his companion had gotten sick and he had to go to some appts. so i took care of his companion while my companion went out with elder ramirez to his appts. while i was taking care of elder slade, i get a message on the phone from nancy that says they don´t want to get baptized anymore! aaahh, their baptismal interview was scheduled for that night! so we hurry back to our area to go visit them but their not in their house! so at this point we start scrambling to get a baptism for saturdy, after much thinking we go and visit the mother of two kids that we baptized two weeks ago to see if she would want to be baptized. once again heavenly father recongized our work and she accepted to be baptized the following day. so we taught her everything that day and had a wonderful servicio bautismal the next day on saturday! her name is leticia and she´s pretty awesome, single mom.
everyone else in the zone baptized as well and we had four bautizonas in a row! definite mission record, possible world record. we have inspired other zones with our work and this last weekend two other zones had a bautizona as well. because we broke the record president trevino has called for a mission conference and so tomorrow before transfers take place there will be a mission conference! last night we went to tierra blanca to make a video for the occasion. in the video they asked us some questions about how we feel when we baptize and why we came on the mission and we´re all going to get a copy! it´s pretty cool. they made shirts for it too that are cool as well.
but my new companion is going to be an american! i´ll get to speak a little bit of english now! his name is elder wheeler and they tell me he is a genios, he studied at stanford haha. well i´ll find out more tomorrow when i meet him but i think he has like eight months in the mission so i´ll stay here in tres valles and i´ll be with him for this cambio. my companion is being transferred to just outside the city of veracruz. change is always exciting. we´re going to work hard to find someone to baptize for this week. we don´t have anyone on date but the lord always blesses us with someone, we just have to find em! the goal is baptize every week!
in answer to your question mom, spanish is coming along pretty well. i can speak just fine and say what i want to say more or less, also i read it with no problem, but i still have trouble understanding everything. some people i understand perfectly, some people i don´t understand at all haha. i still pray everyday for the gift of tongues, but it takes time.
everything is going well though and time is still flying like i can´t believe. lovin it.
have fun in south carolina and with everything! sounds like you guys are doing a lot of partyin with ward members, sounds like a good time. i love you all and thanks for everything! well i´ll talk to ya next week!
attached are a picture of the baptism, and one of our district having dinner in tres valles. one of our investagotores works at a taco stand and she gives us free tacos! she´s really nice, if she would come to church she´d be baptized!
also could you forward me ben grubers e mail as well? gracias
also dad, my companion has been to that place you mentioned, he says it´s pretty cool.
-love elder broadhead


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