Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 9th - 16th, 2012

hey fam,
thanks for all the letters guys! i got lots of e mails from friends this week, it´s too bad i can´t write any of them back cause pres says we can only e mail family so sorry about that. tara´s stories are always classic, mom and dad you should read them too and then tell me how much of it is true haha. i always get a good laugh though.
well this week was pretty crazy. we started out on tuesday with a zone meeting in tuxtepec, president treviño came all the way out here to congragulate us on our two bautizonas in a row and he brought with him snacks and the movie called ´the book of mormon´ it felt like a real party it was so cool and relaxing haha we got to watch the movie as a zone, and then we went back to work in tres valles. but last monday night we started working with one of the alcoholics that came to church, i think i told you about him last week, his name is hernesto and he agreed to be baptized in the first visit. it was a huge relief to us cause we were the only ones in the zone that didn´t have anyone on date for this last weekend, so we were happy to have hernesto on date so we could continue with three bautizonas in a row. he´s a pretty unique guy though and as the week went on and we continued to work with him and teach him we realized that he might not show up to church or for that matter his baptism haha. he has had a pretty crazy life as a farmer here in mexico and he is the grampa of two of the kids that we baptized two weeks ago. his wife is a member as well as some of his kids. but in this mission the investigator has to go to church twice before he can be baptized. our plans were that hernesto could be baptized after church yesterday and confirmed next week. but because of some obstacles he wasn´t able to come to church and so he couldn´t be baptized. he really has the desire though and hopefully he comes to church next sunday so he can be baptized. but anyway we were bummed out cause at this point on sunday morning all the other companionships in the zone had baptized and we were the only ones that hadn´t. but while we were outside of the chapel greeting people before the meetings for the ward started, my companion felt inspired to ask one little girl how old she was. she looked to have about five or six years old but she said she was nine years old! he then asked her if she had been baptized and she said no! both her parents are members though, but only the mom is active. so right then and there we asked her mom if the little girl, miranda, could be baptized that day! she said no, next week would be better. aaaahh we almost had it! but after church the zone leaders called us and said they were coming to tres valles to go with us to visit the family of miranda so that she could be baptzized as soon as possible. so they came and we went to visit the family and after a bit of a battle we took them all to the church and had a baptism about eight o clock last night!
miranda was so excited to be baptized it was awesome to see, and i felt lucky to be able to baptize her. we´re taking them a cake tonight and going to have a family home evening with them. i attached a picture of her and her family.
so we ended up having another bautizona, three in a row and tomorrow we are going to tuxtepec for another zone meeting so we can stay motivated and have another bautizona this week! we´re going to make this record unbeatable haha. we feel blessed though and because of our hard work, the lord helped us to have a baptism.
we have hernesto and another family on date for this weekend in tres valles so hopefully all goes well. it´s the last week of the transfer and my last week with my trainer so i´ll most likely be gettin a new companion next tuesday! it´s kind of exciting! also we´re getting the first group of new missionaries this transfer, since i got here, i am already getting old in the mission aaaah!
oh yeah mom we killed the tarantula with a broom and there was lots of guts. and dad i forgot to ask my companion about that place but i´ll do it right now! no i haven´t used the bug spray haha i´m just used to it now! and yes it is still raining everynight and hot and very humid in the day! everything is going well though and i´m lovin it!
have a great week guys i love you so much!

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