Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 2nd - 9th, 2012

hey fam whats happenin,
first off it was classic to get your e mails today, cause i read ashleys first and was just laughing my way through the whole thing cause i can imagine her writing it and also they way you talk ash is pretty classic. in the letter she tells me something then mentions not to tell mom or dad about it haha. then i read dad´s letter and he obviously had read the e mail ashley sent to me haha, so sorry ash, but he knows that two of his pudgster grown children ´snuck out´ hahaha. thanks for the letters though, i love hearing from you guys.
to answer the questions- i will probably be here in tres valles another transfer because at the end of this transfer my companion will most likely leave, he´s been here for six months, so i can show the ropes of tres valles to another missionary, then after that i would leave that next transfer, but who knows. i could leave at the end of this transfer, or be here two more. i do like it here in tres valles though, it´s a great area for the most part.
and no mom i haven´t gotten any mail here in mexico! with the excepcion of one dear elder from a buddy from college. it´s ok though cause it´s a huge hassle to send mail as well. my district leader did tell me that the zone leaders have recieved a letter thats for me so i´m excited for that. i´ll get it tomorrow morning, were going to tuxtepec for a clase de zona or something, we´re not sure. the big news of our zone is that every companionship in our zone has baptized two weeks in a row. when everyone in a zone baptizes it´s called a bautizona and we had two in a row! it´s the first time it´s happened in this mission. the zone leaders are getting t shirts made for it haha. it´s a cool accomplishment though and the best part is of course all the new converts.
also mom yes there´s lots of exotic animales and insects that i don´t know the names of and lots of dangerous ones that you have to avoid. really pretty birds and stuff like that. also theres a million dogs here, they are all homeless and sickly and annoying as well.
no i haven´t used the bug spray, you just get used to all the mosquito bites. now that i think about it though, i might start using it haha.
and for the talks and lessons we use preach my gospel, the scriptures, and the pamphlets that the church gives us to pass out. that´s about it, but it gets the job done.
well we had a good week in tres valles, we had to kill a huge tarantula the size of my hand in our house, but we also found some good new investigatores through references. two of which are alcoholics but really want to change and they came to church so we´re going to work with them to overcome that. yesterday when they came to church we didn´t know they had that problem, and i gave a talk on the word of wisdom haha. but they´re good people willing to change for the better. it´s been way rainy today and everything is all flooded, we had to walk in water ankle deep to get here in to the internet place haha. and we´re gonna get wet tonight working and also i just remembered that our clothes that were drying are now soaking wet again cause we left em outside haha. oh well. everything is going great though and the work is moving forward.
but yeah mom we´re pretty busy on p days so we don´t usually get to the e mail part until the very end. the member we had lunch with cooked us mole though it was really good but mole usually comes back to bite me later if you know what i mean. also we went running again with julio this morning, he´s a pretty funny guy we had a good time.
well this week we are working to get a couple married, the parents of sharon, so they can be baptized. the mom is married to someone else though and he won´t sign the divorce papers unless they give him some crazy amt of money, but there is a lady in the ward studying law and she is helpin us try and get around this guy legally. it´s been frustrating cause they´re great people that want to get baptized, we just have this dang obstacle. the dad, gaudencia is an immigrant from guatemala that has had a rough life but is such a nice guy, he always gives us things when we visit them. like this last time he gave us some random pictures of a jaguar haha, yeah it´s hillarious but really nice of him. he has a great heart and loves to tell really long stories.
well i think that´s about it, i attached some pictues i think, of the baptisms we had last week and one of me posing with my umbrella for a model shot, then one with the new district leader.
love you all so much and thank you for everything that you do! talk to ya next week! have a wonderful week this week and listen to the promptings of the spirit!
-elder broadhead


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