Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Friday, November 23, 2012

November 12th-19th, 2012

hey guys,
sounds like mom had a good b day, thats good. glad to hear you got some relief en your back dad, keep going to this chirporacter eh? mom i can just use the skype account of some member so it`s not a problem. i`m just not sure how good the connection will be and it could me more of a hassle than just a phone call. we`ll have to see i guess haha.
sounds like thanks giving should be pretty classic again. the other ward in my district, cardel, has a member that is from canada, crazy i know, but she has offered to prepare us a thanksgiving meal for all the missionaries in the zone, so we`ll be going to that at two o clock today! aquí en méxico, se le llama thanksgiving, día de gracias.
well this saturday we are going to have our long awaited activity we had three people that were going to get baptized this weekend in the activity, but now we are down to one because silvia, one of the others, didn`t come to church today, and just now in the morning the other fecha, alicia, i called her to set up an appointment for today and she told me that she needed to wait longer before she could be baptized, so now we are down to one fecha aaahhh! it`s a good thing he is really escogido, his name is cesar and is really great. he`ll for sure be baptized this weekend and we are hoping for a few more en addition as well. we have yet to deliver una tarjeta navideña but i think this week we should do some. thats where we sing to the neighbors of the members in case you forgot.
i`m not gonna lie it was a huge bummer when alicia just canceled on us this morning. a lot of crazy stuff happened to us this week and it was the last straw and i got a little bummed out and frustrated with our heavenly father. there is a scripture that i alwasy share with investigatores en third nephi that talks about the power of prayer and it says that if we ask god for something, in the name of jesus christ, and the thing that we ask for is just, and if we have faith enough to recieve it, god gives it to us. and after having prayed so much for alicia and done everything possible so that she could get baptized this weekend, and now she doesn`t want to? it made me a little angry for a minute. but shortly after i realized that is was probably because i didn`t have enough faith, and if i continued having faith, she`ll probably get baptized this weekend anyway if she goes to the activity. i`ve learned a lot about faith on my mission and that it is the force that powers the universe and one of the christlike attributes most important that we can have. i`ve read the little book lectures on faith, and now this week i have started to read jesus the christ and i can see that my faith has grown a lot on my mission and that in these ten short months i have changed alot. i am no longer the same person that i was when i started my mission and i know i wont be the same person i am right now when i finish. the gospel of jesus christ, really deciding to accept it and live it, has changed me. which reminds me, i had an interview with president this week and i asked him again if i could extend and he told me that the church is making it really difficult to extend these days, so we`ll just see what happens. but either way i know that up to this point my mission has been the single most important thing that has happened to me. it will affect the rest of my life. i am happy for the chance to serve other people, espeically my companions. i`ve become good friends with elder garcia and he continues to progress and is becoming a great missionary. he helps me out a lot as well, keeps me excited.
the family we baptized last week got confirmed yesterday and i am really happy with them and can`t wait until they get sealed in the temple. it will be a very special day for them and me and my companion.
well looks like i`ve gotta get going, thanks for being a great family and look for chances to share your powerful testimonies with everyone. your testimonies strengthen even me and i`m glad i have the chance to read them every once in awhile in the back of my journal.
talk to ya next week!

love elder broadhead


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