Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 10th-17th, 2012

hey guys,
sounds like everything will be good for our skype chat on christmas day then! it will be weird to be able to see you guys. it´s crazy to hear that lots of people in our ward are going on missions but really nice to hear that at the same time. the work of the lord will always go forward.
i guess the big news for you guys is that i got the package this week when i went to the mission offices, so no worries there. i am not gonna lie, i did open it. i was thinking about not telling you until next week but i figure i´ll jus tell you that i did indeed open it a bit temprano haha but it was awesome and great. thanks so much for all the gifts and candy and stuff. i´ll be sure to keep on to the wal mart card just in case. i used the twenty bucks today to go to the acuarium, wax musuem, and ripleys believe it or not museum. (i know my spelling sucks but i can hardly remember how to spell in english sorry.) we went with the district this morning and it was pretty cool. the acuarium was awesome and we got to see the last litle bit of a dolphin show. these were the first museums i´ve been to en mexico and it was pretty cool. they are right on the beach. i also really loved that picture of my baptism and dad´s baptism. it is a good keepsake. it is cool to be able to see. i try so hard to get people baptized and it was cool to be able to remember a little bit about my own baptism and dads.
this week we had a meeting with president treviño. all of the zone leaders and distric leaders of the four zones of the city of veracruz were present. he called the meeting because we are having trouble baptizing in the city. president concluded it was because of disobedience. so he planched us pretty good. then gave us some ways that we could improve. i´ve never had a problem with disobedience it´s always come pretty natural for me. but afterwards a few of the elderes in my zone confessed problems with disobedience. so now i am dealing with that. nothing too serios though. president talked a little bit more about the importance of the reazons why we are obedient. he taught us through the scriptures that when our obedience depends on someone else, instead of coming from our love for the savior and desire to obey his word. we only recieve half the blessing. i´ve thought a litle bit more about it and it is true. he gave us some examples to illustrate the point. he talked about the difference between being obedient for different reazons. an example of our obedience depending on someone else is when we are obedient because we know our bishop is going to ask us certain questions and we don´t want to have to answer him bad. the other type would be we are just obedient and do what the lord asks simply because we love him. if we are obedient for that reason, we recieve the whole blessing. afterwards i thought a little bit about my own reasons for being obedient and made some goals to improve.
we now have two weeks in a row that we haven´t baptized and i know that we have to be the example for the zone and we´re not doing it. we are trying hard but really don´t have very many possibilidades for this week. we have planned a bautizona we are one of the only areas that doesn´t have a solid fecha. we are working hard and sometimes struggle to have the faith suficient to find people. en this time of year the people are usually more open but in these last few weeks we haven´t had too much luck. we are not going to be discouraged though and we´ll keep working hard.
on a side note dad the word trunky is used still, even the mexicans use it haha. actually in the announcements of the mission it got used this week. ¡no se pongan trunky por la llamada a su casa! haha
i´m looking forward to being able to talk to you guys and don´t get worried if it doesn´t happen righ at twelve o clock ok. cause i´ll be working in the morning and we might be coming from a cita. there was something else i wanted to tell you guys but i forgot so i´ll tell you next week. think up some questions if you want and i´ll be able to answer them right away next week!
love you guys.
love, elder broadhead

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