Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 17th-24th, 2012

hey guys,
thanks tara for your e mails, i laughed at you guys doing easy and enjoyed your letter about coming to the savior with haste. i will try and take you up on your invitation to really come to christ this christmas. the question is always "the how" or, how can we do it? how can we come to the savior with more haste? what do we need to change in our lives to be able to do it. the answer is fairly obvious. through sincere repentance and serving other people. i`ve thought a lot about repentance and studied it as well in my time in the mission to be able to better arrepentirme and teach it to other people. when you think about, repentance is pretty contradictory haha. part of the repentance process is not doing the same sin again. entonces when we think about it we should only need "one repentance" for every sin if we take part in a true repentance. it`s interesting to think about. and the blessings of coming to christ with mas haste, you mentioned them very clearly, mas peace and love in your life. i think it will be worth it.
dad to answer your questions, i am starting to get a little sick of the mexican food. the spicy factor doesn`t phase me anymore nor the diarieaha haha but i it`s ok it really is pretty good. i do mis some of the american food though.
sounds like your back isn`t getting any better. what are the risks with the procedure that your thinking about doing?
that is going to be pretty classic when you guys go sing. but it is a really good service that you`ll be doing. i`m sure it`ll be an experience that you won`t forget. good way to spend christmas.

that was also nice of you to invite the elders over. i`m sure they appreciated it.
tonight we are going to eat with the ward mission leader and so we won`t be really working tonight, only for like an hour. tomorrow in the morning we have district class and then i`ll be talking with you guys and then we`ll go to the comida and in the afternoon we`ll start to work again. we have one or two citas. it will be interesting to see if anyone recieves us. i think they will. by christmas night, christmas is just about over by then so i think at least a few people will let us in haha.

this week we could see the blessings of the lord in our lives. the week started out pretty rough again, so on thursday night my companion and i went into separate rooms to be able to pray alone outloud. we both had very good uplifting experiences and personally it gave me the opportunity to repent and recieve revelation to see what i could change and work on to have more success. the next day we put two fechas and both of them came to church. so we felt really blessed. i`m trying hard to improve and become a better missionary but it`s hard sometimes.
it really doesn`t feel like christmas for me but it will be way fun to talk to you guys tomorrow i`m pretty excited. think up some good questions so there aren`t any akward pauses eh? haha. thanks for everything and i`ll talk to you tomorrow like at twelve! (here)

love elder broadhead

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