Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, January 7, 2013

December 31st, 2012 - January 7th, 2013


thanks for the updates and everything. sounds like your all having a pretty good time back there in utah, getting some things done and moving on without cuddles. me and my companion got a pretty good laugh about the karoakoe machine haha. what kind of a ward buys a karaoke machine haha and where did the money come from. and yes tara, i will work in the temple with you after, it´ll be pretty cool. i miss the temple yikes its a big blessing to be able to go. how often do you guys go?

well this week we had the zone leaders conference and president presented us with the new vision of the mission for this year. en the past year we baptized like 2300 or something like that, but the number of people that go to sacrament meeting just about stayed the same. that is not ok. so the new vision is, establish the church. it´s  a theme that comes from preach my gospel. we are going to do it through three things mainly, continue baptizing, strenthening new converts, and reactivating. we have been focusing too much on just baptizing and not enough on the other two things. so to be able to focus better on this, we are going to be reporting a new key indicator every week, the attendance of the sacrament meeting. the goal is to increase that number by at least ten percent every six weeks. so we can do it mainly by visiting inactives and strengthing new converts. we are going to help all of our new converts here in our area get taught all the missionary lessons again, by the members. and help them get involved in the family history work. by visiting the inactives and getting them to church, they will have a testimony and be able to give us more references. we put it in action this week and visited a lot of inactives. we got rewardes by seeing a few of them come to church this sunday and even more, one of them brought two non members with her, it was great. so we are seeing the results already of this new acivity. also this week we baptized adrian. he worked hard convincing his mom and she finally gave him permission. it was a great baptizmal service, only that the bishop didn´t really believe that the mom had given him permision so on sunday he wouldn´t confirm adrian until he called the mom and talked to her in person. it was really annoying but the mom said yes, again. for that very reason the parents have to sing the registro of the baptism. oh well, he got baptized and all is well.

tomorrow in the morning my companion goes to the offices and on thursday goes home to argentina, he arrives on friday haha, it´s a long way to argentina. my new companion will be elder chico. he´s coming from tuxtepec and from what i´ve heard he´s a great elder so i´m excited to be able to work with him.

this week we are going to do a tormenta blanca, that is where all the elders in the zone go to one area to knock or visit inactives or do anything to try and help the area. we have one area in the zone that hasn´t baptized in two months. so we are going to all go and help them.

the conference edition of the liahona finally got to us this week and it´s been great to be able to read. it´s really helped me reading the talks again, especially those of the first presidency. i didn´t pay good enough attention to those talks before the mission. i´ve realized that as part of their messages the prophets always give us invitations, or commitments. i got to thinking that i never really take them up on their invitations. we are all investigatores of the prophet and i haven´t been fulfilling my commitments. if i was the prophet i would´ve already stopped teaching me as an investigator, that´s what we do as misssionaries if the people don´t complete with their commitments, we have to leave them behind. and so i´m going to make a extra effort to make note of the invitations we recieve in conference and try to complete them. the prophet doesn´t invite us to do things just for the heck of it. i invite you guys to do the same.

this week i went to the doctor again to get some ingrown nails pulled. it didn´t hurt as bad as last time but it is getting annoying.

well i think that´s everything. i love you guys all and am so happy to be able to be serving the lord. i think of you and pray for you often. i am grateful to be part of such a good family. talk to ya next week.

love elder broadhead

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