Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 7th-14th, 2013

hey guys. well my new campanion is named elder chico, he is from ciudad juarez, and is a really good elder. he has 17 months in the mission. we had a good first week working together cause we got to baptize two awesome kids, jesus and talita. these two kids are really awesome and i have had some really good experiences with them. jesus is eleven and talita is ten. their dad is an inactive as well as their cousin. we went to visit their cousin two weeks ago, she went to church and brought these two kids with her. so we started visitng them and the first thing the mom (no member) says to us is that she wants them to get baptized haha we`re like, ok perfect haha. there have been very few times in my mission where i have been able to feel the true love of christ. and i can honestly say that with these kids i feel it. i love them like jesus christ would love them and i`m really happy to be able to say it. i understand better now why christ loved the kids so much and i`ve had similair feelings and experiences towards one of the kids, fanny, in the family that i baptized en camino real. these kids have come as an answer to my prayers. in my mission i have been trying hard to come to know my savior better and praying hard to be able to do it. i had an especially meaningful personal prayer this week and as an answer to that prayer the lord let me see these kids through his eyes and feel of his love for them manifested through me. i`m going to send you a picture of these kids wearing our name tags, it is one of my favorite pictues of the mission. just from the picture you can tell what great kids they are. this would be the experience that i would tell you for you lesson tara, to tell the truth i wasn`t to happy to be transfered from camino real, a companion that i liked and an area that was starting to have success thanks to the work we had done. when i left everyone that got baptized in the transfer after were people that i had found. but making the best of the situation and working hard in my new area i have been able to bloom where i was planted and have experiences like this.

as i approach the year mark i have been going through a renovation proccess and learning a lot of new things and understanding even better the gospel of jesus christ, most importantly i`ve learned that the success of a missionary depends completely on the inside of the missionary and that true happinness depends soly on our ability to positivley affect the lives of the people that surround us, especially our friends and loved ones. 

this week we only could bring one to church cause now in this new year the church starts at eight in the morning and it is harder to bring peeps to church. it was a little bumming to see that not one of the members came to our baptism, including the bishop and ward mission leader even though the baptism was announced in sacrament. but it`s ok it didn`t affect us. it was a great baptismal service. 

sorry dad i didn`t get to answer a lot of your questions, but i did get to see one of my converts this week when i went to go pick up my comp from the bus station, my hijo e. garcia was leaving from camino real and our convert, cesar, brought him to the bus station and then took us back to our house in volcanes so i got to talk with him, it was awesome, he is still active and doing great. it was great to see him. well i gotta go. thanks for everything, we`ll talk next week. i could use some new garment bottoms if you get the chance. mesh. 32-34 short. but it`s nothing urgent. love you all!

love elder broadhead

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