Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, January 21, 2013

January 14th-21st, 2013

hey guys,
this week the big news is that Elder Alonso of the first quorumn of the seventy came to visit the mission, his companion was elder ortiz, another seventy, and their wives. we met, the four zones of the city, with them on friday. it was an awesome experience. before the meeting started they interviewed some of the elders and my companion got chosen and was interviewed by elder alonso, he said it was pretty cool. it was a pretty amazing meeting and i learned a ton. it is always cool to be able to be with someone that is so intune with the spirit. we try so hard to be in tune with the spirit as missionaries, but it looks like it just comes so naturally to him. he talked to us about the doctorine of christ and our purpose as missionaries. he also talked a lot about prayer. at the end he said that that was the most prominent impression that he had got for the mission in his time with us. it`s true. i need to improve my prayers. i came to the meeting with the question of how i could teach with more power and really be a missionary with power. we know that it only comes through having the spirit with you. and he answered my question, in order for me to be able to teach with power i have to have the spirit and i have to sincerely ask for it through prayer. as missionaries we pray so much that sometimes we fall into a routine. that is what had happened to me. but i took a few steps back and am praying diferently now. i love the definition of prayer in the bible dictionary, if you haven`t read it lately you should do it, it`s awesome. on friday i completed on year as a missionary and got the privilege of sitting next to my mtc companion elder wirthlin en the meeting with e. alonso. e alsonso had also come to visit us when e wirthlin and i were in the mtc about one year ago. time goes fast.
me and my companion are doing good, we get a long good and laugh alot. i`ve been blessed with some really good companions. the kids we baptized two weeks ago didn`t get confirmed this week because they didn`t go to church. we passed by their house after to see what was up and found the jehovas witnesses trying to teach them. it was another reminder that there is always going to be an oposicion, especially when people are trying to make changes for the better in their lives.

mom, no the wild birds aren`t tame, just the people have lots of pets here.

we have a baptism for this saturday. she is an old investigator and we just passed by to see how she was doing and before we could say anything she just said, hey i wanna get baptized now haha. i guess everyone has their time. even though personally i think she didn`t wanna get baptized before because she wanted to break the commanments over christmas and new years but oh well, what can ya do.
well that`s about it. i love you all and thanks for everything.
-elder broadhead
could you send this to zac willis? if you don`t know the adress, tell ash to look for it on fb.

¡que tal pete! (elder willis)

¿como estas? ¿como te ha ido? ya se que hace mucho que no hemos hablado. el tiempo pasa rapdio, verdad. pues esta semana cumpli un año en la mision y dije, voy a escribir a pete jaja. ¿te ha flopped tu compañero?jaja

a mi me va bien aqui en veracruz, me ha encantado la mision. pruebas y todo. ¿que tal tu area? cuentame todo. y no digas mustaza porque estamos hablando en español. tenemos que practicar para despues. para que no nos entienda dan jaja.

nos vemos pronto! te amo!

un abrazo, Elder Broadhead

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