Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 21st-28th, 2013

hey guys,

thanks for the emails and updates. that`s crazy to hear andrew lloyd is already going and that cook is coming back! time goes to fast but that`s life oh well. who is tara going on all these dates with? are their marriage bells in the air yet? sounds like you guys had a good time with the relatives.

sounds like dad is content to be lounging in his g`s again haha.
dad your comments about the influence of the spirit made me think of an elder bednar story. a few years ago he was in a fireside with single adults and one of the kids their asks him, what can i do to have the spirit more in my life? elder bednar thinks a minute and then says the better questions is what are you doing to draw the influence of the spirit out of your life, because the gift of the constante companionship of the spirit was given to all of us after baptism. i got to thinking about it and it`s true. we all have the gift of the holy ghost, that awesome privilege. we just have to stop doing the things that alejar (can`t think of how to say it en english) the spirit and we`ll be fine.

mom thanks for sendin the package, i will be on the look out for it. it`ll be nice to not have to be wearing double holy garments haha.

well i have been trying really hard to help the zone out and it hasn`t been working, whatever we do we just can`t seem to have more success in the zone. even president treviƱo came this week to help us out, we had a class with him and all the zone on tuesday, but we had a blanque zona this week. that means no one in the zone baptizes. it was a big bummer, but what we have seen is that the elderes just don`t have that desire to baptize every week and i don`t know how to help them to have it. the two dates that we had both couldn`t get baptized because one confessed to us that he was only doing it for his girlfriend, so we said, well we better wait a bit then, the other still can`t get her nose wet because she got it operated on a few weeks back and the doctors didn`t take off the bandage on saturday like they were supposed to. but what i`ve learned in the mission is that sometimes the things just don`t work out. thanks to the fall of adam and eve (part of god`s plan) the world is full of imperfecciones, imperfect people and situations and sometimes no matter how hard we try it just doesn`t work out. that is when god steps in. there is a scripture that says to every man was given a certain measure, and we have to live up to that measure. the measure is what god expects of us, and everyone has a different measure. god expects that we live up to that measure and if we do it, and only if we do it and after we have done everything that we possibly can, according to our own measure, god steps in and he says, it`s enough. and thanks to the atonement and the grace of god things work out, god makes up the difference and in the end we can be saved. i know that i have a big measure, that i am capable of a lot and that god expects more of me than of others sometimes. but if i try god will make up the difference like he will do with everyone of of us if we do everything we possibly can to live his gospel.

well i`ve gotta get going,

thanks for everything and i love you all very much.

love, elder broadhead

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