Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 8th-15th, 2013

Hey guys,

Dad, i´m glad to hear you got a little relief on your back. I´m still waiting for the e mail that says your all better. i read a scripture in the morning that is pretty cool that talks about how everything has it´s time and that we just have to deliver our heart and mind to god and we will be blessed. its DC 64: 32-34. I got a good laugh out of mom´s boat/fishing comment and about taras new not too handsome boyfriend. It´s always classic to picture mom and her comments cause i know how they are haha. You´re a geat mom, mom. We can do skype again for mothers day if you guys want. i think it´s ok. this time it probably won´t be in the church so i don´t know how the connection will be. The only question is that here mothers day is on the tenth and where you guys are it´s on the 12th. we can skype on either of those days. which would be better for you guys?

This week we had a good week cause we could baptize two. Rocio and David. They are both really great and they converts that are going to stay. Rocio got up and shared her testimony yesterday, it was awesome, and David is going to go to institute on tuesday. They´re great converts. i´m glad that god let me play a small part in their conversion. We are going to be working with one niño this week so he can get baptized. its not a sure thing yet though. His name is robert and his grandma is a member that was in utah for a time. it was crazy to listen to her story about how she got to the united states. she almost died. I´ve heard so many of those stories that it sometimes makes me feel bad and grateful at the same time. it really is such a blessing to live in the united states. It´s so different here and life is just harder because we don´t have a lot of the simple things here that make life easier like there are in the united states. It reminds me of a part in my patriarchal blessing that says i have been blessed to live in a choice land. it really is a gran blessing being from the united states. It also makes me think of a talk i studies this week by president monson that he gave in the fall 2012 conference. it´s called consider the blessings and he invites us to look back on our life and consider some of the small blessings that the lord has given us. You should study the talk, it´s awesome.

I´ve learned a lot of things so far from my companion, E. paredes. he is a little bit different from all of the rest of my companions. He´s a little weird, but he really cares about the people and the missionary work. He tries to be the best that he can everyday. It´s really nice to see.

I went to tres valles this week to do divisiones. it was great to see some the members again and we went to see some of my old investigatores as well to see if they wanted to progresss now. It was funny they all said, wow you speak spanish now haha. This week we will be going to do divisions in one of the areas of our zone that is called temazcal, it is in the mountains in the state of oaxaca, they´re struggling a bit there we are gonig to see if we can help them.

overall i´m doing well and continuing to work here in the blazing heat in tierra blanca haha. i´m so red its sad. I love you guys all and wish the best for you this week.

Love Elder Broadhead

ps i still haven´t gotten the package but i´m sure it´l be there the next time i go to the office.

also the pictures are of the baptisms and one of my companion and the ward mission leader here. he´s really great.

that´s about it.

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