Elder Broadhead is serving a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Veracruz, Mexico. This blog will be a collection of his weekly emails and pictures for his family and friends to keep up on his mission experiences.

Monday, February 6, 2012

January 30th - February 6th, 2012


Hey how is everything going?? I didn't get an e-mail or letter back from you guys this week! Thanks for the package mom! My zone always likes it when you send packages haha. But anyways it has been an awesome week. Last Tuesday was the fiftieth anniversary of the MTC so we had two apostles come and speak to us for the devotional it was amazing. It was Elder Holland and Elder Nelson. They both have such a powerful spirit it is really amazing. Also by some miracle of obedience we got to sit at the very front like fifteen feet away from these men of God. It's cause instead of ditching class and dinner like two hours early (to go stand in line for the devotional) like a lot of other missionaries did just to make sure they got in. We went to all our classes then had to go to the overflow in another building to watch the devotional. Then all of a sudden an usher comes in and says come with me and he takes us into the devotional right up to the front haha! We could see all the members of our district and zone that had ditched class way up at the top, and then we were sitting right at the front it was sooo classic. It really did strengthen my testimony though. It helped me to see that if we are obedient and do the things God asks of us, then He will take care of us. The whole time I was just staring at these two apostles just thinking about how they've given a lifetime of service to the Lord and I got mad at myself for thinking two years was going to be hard. They are such great examples for all of us.

My spanish is coming along slowly but surely. It gets better every day. We're finished with all the grammar and what not so now we just have to practice for the next weeks till we leave. Our two teachers are truly amazing. I love them so much. They've taught me a ton with spanish and with the gospel, I really look forward to our class time with them every day. It's still way frustrating though to give lessons in spanish cause we have to stumble through everything like a bunch of idiots, but it aways works out. One thing I've learned, and I can't remember if I told you this already but regardless I'll say it again because I like it so much and cause it's true. It's that I've found out that the Lord does not make his servants look foolish. If we go into a lesson having prepared our best, and not knowing any spanish, try to give a lesson, the Lord never makes us look like fools. He always makes up the rest, even if it doesn't come by means of making us fluent in spanish.

This week two of the elders from my zone are leaving for the Peru MTC. I'm really kind of getting worked up about it cause I don't want them to leave. I've gotten so close to all these great Elders I already love them so much. It's amazing the unity that comes from spending every minute of every day together. As well as sharing tons of spiritual moments together. I love these two elders and I'm really going to miss them. Elder Wirthlin and I are excited this week thogh cause our zone gets new missionaries! It's our job to take care of them the first few nights and kind of give them the low down of how we do things here and what's expected of them. So we are excited to finally get to act like seasoned vets haha. But time is really flying I can't believe another week has gone, I'm already wishing that time would slow down! I keep meeting missionaries going to Mexico that have had their stay here at the MTC prolonged because of visa troubles, or they get sent to another mission for a bit. This really freaks me out cause I don't want to get sent anywhere else, even if it's just for a little bit. I just wanna go straight to my mission. So pray that my visa goes through with no problems!

All is well on my end though. I work hard every day and I try to not even waste a minute. Sometimes it's hard, I just wanna slack off but I know the Lord will/has blessed me for my efforts. Keep my zone and missionaries everywhere in your prayers! I hope you guys have a good week I love you so much and pray about you every day. The gospel is so simple and so true. We have such a great message and we are obligated to share it with everybody that we can because it will make them all the more happier! I truly do love the gospel and the lord with everything that I am!

-Love Elder Broadhead

P.S. I'm trying to send some pictures but I might just mail you the sd card before I go to Mexico, then you can mail it back real quick before I leave the country. Sorry but I think that's the only way!

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